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Arizona Cardinals running back

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Arizona Cardinals running back

This week, it's Arizona Cardinals running back Beanie Wells. The former Akron Garfield and Ohio State star is a burly 62, 229 pounds, and he's used his brash style. to run for 943 yards in 12 games this season. That's Lamarr Houston Jersey White an average of 4.4 yards per carry, and it's helped him to score nine touchdowns for the resurgent Cardinals, who are 67.

"He's really a good runner. He's had some outstanding games, as you well know," Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron said last week. "He's a big, powerful runner. We'll be tested."

Wells is coming off a seasonlow 27 yards last week against San Francisco. But he ran for his seasonbest 228 yards against St. Louis three games ago. Wells contends that the Browns' defensive line will play a large part in determining which end of that spectrum he falls in today.

"They're big and they've got a couple of young guys in [Phil] Taylor and [Jabaal] Sheard, they're amazing guys," Wells said last week. "They're going to be good football players in this league for a long time."

But Wells, in his third season with Arizona, is proving that he has what it takes to remain in the league, too.

"He's physical, he's strong, he can break tackles, he's got quickness through the hole and when he gets out on the perimeter, I think he can score with it," Browns head coach Pat Shurmur said. "So those are the challenges. Again, it Tyvon Branch Jersey White goes back to playing good team defense."

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