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Arians bemoans Cardinals

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Arians bemoans Cardinals

They are 1for9 scoring touchdowns after penetrating opponents' 20yard line. They were 1for4 against the Packers in week one and 0for5 against the Cowboys last week.

Most troubling is that four of those attempts against the Cowboys came in the first half with either the first or secondteam offense in the game.

"Just like Authentic Charles Woodson Jersey last week, we play extremely well all over the field until we get inside the 20," coach Bruce Arians said. "Then we have a ton of mental errors. It baffles me. With all three groups, we had mental errors in the red zone and ended up with field goals."

It's all the little things the Cardinals are getting wrong running a route short of the first down marker, failing to make the proper route adjustment, a poor pass, a dropped ball and a missed block.

Arians has kept his cool for the most part, saying preseason is a time for working through such issues. But he's concerned.

The Cowboys committed five turnovers in the first half, and the Cardinals ran 49 plays. Somehow they only came out of it with nine points.

"We want to be able to have a point for every minute we have in time of possession," said receiver Larry Fitzgerald. "Obviously, we fell way short of that goal.

"At the receiver position, we haven't done a good enough job of being crisp. And that falls on the players."

Arians would agree with that. He's hard on his receivers. In each of the last D.J.Hayden Youth Jersey two games, he's lamented "dropped" passes in the end zone, even though both would have been amazing catches.

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