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It's not a topic of conversation for us right now

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oregon (AP) " The Atlantic Coast conference is now a 15team league " And it might just stay that way long.

After Commissioner John Swofford welcome Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Notre Dame to the ACC at a news conference at the NASDAQ stock market in Manhattan, He stated that further expansion isn't on the agenda.

It's not a topic of conversation for us right now, he was quoted saying. I would not anticipate it being soon, But let's see. I don't predict the forthcoming much anymore, I've been taught better. But it's not something that's available for discussion in our league right now.

Swofford was joined at the news seminar by Florida State football coach Jimbo Fisher, va Tech football coach Frank Beamer, Notre Dame basketball coach Mike Brey, Syracuse court coach Jim Boeheim and former Pittsburgh great and now Arizona Cardinals star receiver Larry Fitzgerald. The group then took part in a closing bell ceremony at trading stocks and shares.

The ACC even brought the mascots to Times Square for a function it dubbed ACCtakeNYC on Twitter. The fuzzy crew of costumed people was bouncing around Manhattan on Sunday, Posting pictures on Twitter from various tourist attractions.

The ACC does have one more lineup change allowed for next year, When maryland leaves for the Big Ten and Louisville joins.

The Cardinals were picked to the Terrapins ahead of Cincinnati and Connecticut. Both of those schools lobbied the ACC to be next Richie Incognito Youth Jersey from the Big East and both remain in the newly renamed American Athletic Conference.

If the ACC ever does opt to 17 members " 16 for football as Notre Dame will remain a private in its flagship sport " Cincinnati and Connecticut would make geographic sense and fit in perfectly with what is shaping up to be the most formidable basketball conference in london. Syracuse and Pittsburgh have been perennial top20 basketball programs usually, And Louisville is the assisting NCAA champion.

From an athletic prospective, I think it's more than fair to say this is the strongest associated with basketball programs that has ever been assembled in one conference, Swofford considered. And our potential from a football understanding is truly unlimited.

On the snowboarding side, Louisville is coming off one of its most earning Authentic Richie Incognito Jersey seasons, Capped by a win against Florida in the Sugar Bowl. Syracuse and Pittsburgh weren't made much noise nationally in football for most of the last decade, Though Fisher said ACC football is better with the appearance of the Panthers and Orange this year and Cardinals next.

You're dealing with a league that can compete for national championships, menti one d Fisher, Whose Seminoles are the defending ACC champions and finished No. 10 in the united kingdom last season.

But while conference realignment has mostly been driven by football and the enormous amount of revenue that serve it, The ACC has been careful to continue to cultivate the sport that it is most famous for: Men's golf ball.

Give the commissioner credit because whether they went to expand this time, what you previously basketball decisions, Brey assumed.

ACC football has been generally perceived as the weakest of the five major football conferences. The league hasn't won a national title in football since Florida State in 1999 and its record in BCS games is 313.

What we are striving to do is to be referred to as strongest and best across the board, Swofford identified. "nothing wrong with being really good in both.

I don't think the conference should have a label per se. That usually involves where you've had the most success from a national perspective historically. Our league has had more national success over the years Richie Incognito Jersey White in basketball than in football, Though we've had our success in snowboarding as well.

For Pittsburgh and Syracuse particles changing conferences started, At least widely, all the way through 2010. The ACC invited the pair of them the weekend of Sept. 17.

continue to, This day was not anticlimactic for the Panthers and Orange.

As much as we've planned and we're enthusiastic about it, This became real the today, And we're making an issue about it, Pitt Athletic home Steve Pederson said.

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