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Arson Suspected After Fire Kills Erie

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Arson Suspected After Fire Kills Erie

Fire investigators now believe arsonists were behind a that killed a lesbian couple in Erie, Pennsylvania. The couple had six children and luckily none were home at the time of the blaze.

Gwyneth Henry and Tyreesha Richardson were together for more than ten years. Their badly burned bodies were found in their home's attic Sunday morning after the suspicious fire. Investigators have found an accelerant and fuel vapors, reports CBS3.

apartment downstairs weren't home at Wholesale Jerseys the time. Nobody has been charged in connection with the fire. County detectives detailed Santone's findings in a search warrant.

Santone found fuel vapors near a door and four steps leading to the

apartment."Henry Cheap Jerseys had an 11yearold daughter and two sons, ages 21 and 23.

Richardson had three daughters, ages 11, Cheap Jerseys 10 and 8, as well as a 13yearold

son, reports the Wholesale NFL Jerseys Erie TimesNews.

A memorial and benefit were held on Friday. "More than 200" friends and neighbors attended and donated food, clothing and money. "Anything we could do to help out,'' said Raymond Basham, "who donated 10 bags of children's clothes, blankets and toiletries. 'Gwen and Tyreesha were good people. They were truly loved.' "

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