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Bears stain 'their great legacy' with botched trade fallout

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The fallout from the botched trade between the Baltimore Ravens and Chicago Bears on Thursday has reached the ownership level.

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti expressed disappointment in the Bears including their ownership after Chicago failed to offer anything more than an apology for the botched trade.

The controversy came when the Bears failed to confirm a trade with the Ravens for the 26th Louis Delmas Youth Jersey overall pick before time elapsed on the exclusive window for the spot. The Kansas City Chiefs then passed the Ravens in the draft order.

"I'm disappointed in the Bears and the McCaskeys," Bisciotti told the Baltimore Sun of the Bears' owners.

"It is, in my opinion, a deviation from their great legacy. They concluded that their heartfelt and admirable apology was sufficient for our loss. All of us at the Ravens strongly disagree . probably end of story."

The NFL investigated what Louis Delmas Black Jersey happened and, via the Chicago SunTimes, suggested the Bears comply with the Ravens' request for a fourthround pick as compensation.

The Ravens ended up taking CB Jimmy Smith at No. 27, and the Bears took OT Gabe Carimi. Both teams said that's who they originally expected to take.

Bears executive George McCaskey told the SunTimes he was Authentic Louis Delmas Jersey content to let the situation go.

"We spoke to the Ravens about it, and we spoke to the league about it," McCaskey said. "We made a mistake. We apologized for it. The bottom line, as I understand it, the Ravens got the player they were wanting and we got the player we were wanting."

McCaskey demurred when asked if he was willing to agree to the Ravens' compensation request.

"One of the reasons I got out of the legal business is, I was constantly being asked to assess hypotheticals that didn't apply to real life," he told the paper.

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