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ASU Sun Devils Victimized By Mad Bomber In Pac

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We were sitting up in a section reserved for NBA scouts, and they barely knew who Thompson was when the game started. But he's all they were chatting about after underdog WSU overcame a 7point ASU lead in the second half and pulled away late in the Women's Calvin Johnson Jersey contest.

Thompson's magnificent shooting performance wasn't all that doomed the Devils to their third conference loss (the locals are now 53 in Pac10 play, one game behind leaders UCLA and Washington). ASU again shot very poorly from the field, hitting just 37 percent of its fieldgoal attempts, and just 10 of 17 from the foul line.

Memorably pathetic moment: With a minute to go and play stopped with the Devils down by 7, a majority of the "fans" stood as one, but not to try to will the home boys to make a heroic run. Far weirder comebacks have happened.

They stood to make their way Calvin Johnson Black Jersey out of the arena.

The 14thranked (for now) Devils will have to regroup for their Saturday afternoon game against the Washington Huskies, which will be aired on Fox Sports (Channel 34) and on KTAR6620. The Huskies themselves were upset by the Arizona Wildcats last night in a crazy one down in Tucson, 10697. You gotta love college basketball.

By the way, we predicted a 6459 score in last night's game in our preview blog, though we chose not to choose a winner. Off by Calvin Johnson Jersey White just one point on the winning score, and four on the loser's end wish we'd been in Vegas.

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