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About "would rather"

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Rob, What do you feel like doing tonight? Would you rather play on your PSP, or come with me to a video arcade?
If it's OK with you Harry, I would rather stay in and play on my PSP.
I was afraid you would say that. Why don't you want to go out?
Video arcades are so noisy. And every time I go to one of them, many of the machines are broken. We can have more fun here. Maybe we could watch a DVD together later.
I think it's better to go to a movie than to watch a DVD. It's so much more exciting on the big screen.
Maybe we can do that later, but I'm not sure.
OK, we can stay in tonight, but there's a great concert tomorrow night. We should go to that.
Really? Who is it?
It's Mariah Carey! I love her!
So do I, but I would rather listen to her on my headphones.
Are you serious? I would much rather be there in the concert hall screaming for her with thousands of other people.
That sounds terrible to me.
You know, I'm starting to think you really don't like people.

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