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About interview

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Good afternoon, Ms.Smith. Thank you for coming in today.
Good afternoon, please call me Joan.  Thank you for calling me to come in.
OK. Let's talk about your experience at your last job.  How long did you work there?
I started working there after I graduated, so...for eight years.
What department did you work in?
I worked in Human Resources for two years, and I became a team leader in July 2002.
Great. How many people were on your team?
Well, let me think... At first, there were seven, and then at the end there were twenty people.
I see. Your resume says you worked in Australia for six months. What did you do?
I went to Australia to start a new office. I got a promotion when I came back.
Did you work as a financial assistant?
No, I was the CEO's assistant.
What did you do as the CEO's assistant?
Many things. I wrote reports, held meetings with team leaders, communicated with all the department managers, and so on.
Sounds good. Well, that's all for now.

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