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so one of these giving me a shot

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"My agent mentioned the trial to me a few weeks ago and I didn really put to much thought into it. I didn would like to get excited in case it didn come through.

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"Then he called me and said the guys were interested in buying seeing me. They talked about me from Georgia Tech and had seen some DVDs from games here and they liked what they saw, so one of these giving me a shot,

The atl native, 26, Will fly out to America implementing Geelong June 12 clash against Brisbane.

He will spend the week in Charlotte, But will not miss a game for the Supercats as these people have a bye that week of the SEABL season. He return in time to plan for Geelong June 25 home court contest with Knox.

The Bobcats finished fourth in the southeast division of the Eastern Conference this season before being bundled from the playoffs by Orlando.

Muhammad, Who works out 27 in July, Said he had previously trialled twice with NBA clubs and wanted to make the most of this chance. "You only want to go and play your game, he was quoted saying.

"I been in this example before and obviously it didn work out. The newbie, Maybe I was trying a tad too hard and the second time, I don think I gave me enough credit.

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