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While the league declined discuss specifics

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the big apple (AP) useful job, Roger Goodell. here is your pay: $29.49 million. baseball.

depending on the league's most recent tax return, Much of Goodell's pay comes like a $22.3 million Brian Hartline Jersey White additional. His standard pay was $3.1 million. The NFL was due to file the return Friday.

While the league declined discuss specifics, it requires to, legally, Make the Women's Brian Hartline Jersey return readily upon request.

when it comes to 2011, The NFL had a long lockout prior to the season. Goodell helped exercise plan the new 10year labor deal that ended the labor strife. That was with lucrative new TV contracts with CBS, ESPN, fox and NBC.

For the year beginning April 1, 2011, And conclusion March 31, 2012, Goodell was salaried $29,490,000, which included $3,117,000 in found pay, $22,309,000 in bonus and incentive compensation, And vast majority of rest in "Other reported remuneration, The tax profit said.

Goodell earned a total of $11.6 million here in 2010.

"The NFL is the most successful and bestmanaged sports league in any hemisphere, Said atl Brian Hartline Black Jersey Falcons owner Arthur Blank, Who is chairman of the league's pay out committee, In an argument. "This is in no small part due to Roger's leadership and the value he brings to the table in every facet of the sport and business of the league. His repayment reflects that,

by comparison, Saints qb Drew Brees is the league's highest paid player with a fiveyear deal averaging $20 million.

Former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue been given $8.58 million, All but $1 million in retirement and deferred remuneration.

It is believed MajorLeague Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig and NBA Commissioner David Stern earn anywhere you want in the mid$20 million range, But neither league's taxation assessments are public. Both leagues are launched as forprofits.

"Unlike most CEO's of major manufactures, Who are compensated with share, The NFL ceases to provide that, talked about Marc Ganis, The president of SportsCorp, Which does seeing work with the NFL. "So a performancebased bonus is another way of recompense,

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