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Shared a few words amongst eachother

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NFL knows Beyonc can transport a current tuneSenior bowl: Some college QBs face a different kind of optionCU Buffs TE Nick Kasa is on NFL radar for 2013 draftSooners QB Landry Jones believes NFL will find his game worth the waitOdds are some future Broncos will work at the Senior Bowl this weekMOBILE, ala. there seemed to be a moment, well before the South team at the Senior Bowl began its afternoon practice Wednesday, When two men shook hands, Talking briefly in the a crowd doing other things.The two had helped guide NFL teams that ready a combined 266 this past season, Had each accumulated a No. 1 seed in the postseason bracket and were each at the Senior Bowl and not get yourself ready for the Super Bowl.Atlanta Falcons coach Mike Smith and Broncos executive vice chairman of football operations John Elway stood next to a chainlink fence, Shared a few words amongst eachother, Brief congratulations for the season they had and brief consolations for how it all ended.It has become intriguing Senior Bowl North Squad wide receiver Chris Harper of Kansas State watches the ball as he makes a catch during Senior Bowl football practice on Wednesday at LaddPeebles Stadium in Mobile, Ala. (dork Martin, The associated Press)options the Senior Bowl. It is the start of the new football phase, The gap of the draft season.Often oahu is the first taste of the offseason for an NFL team's coaching staff. And it is the only allstar game that features countless league's head coaches, The league's general operators, Assistant coaches and scouts on this to play craps, as well the week's worth of practices leading up to it, Also sits at a place on the calendar when the letdown of either a playoff miss or an unexpected exit from the postseason is still very fresh, Still painful to touch,I think there is something to that, Elway mentioned. "You're here because it is essential for what you do in building your roster. But everybody wants to play for titles. You try to be in the Super Bowl. As a gamer, it may be kind of like that at the Pro Bowl,It is an odd dynamic in Mobile. There are plenty of former general managers and assistant coaches circulating through the crowd, Trying to catch on somewhere in the approaching season.There are many college assistants looking for an avenue to an NFL coaching staff. And there are agents watching over some of their newest clients and touching base with team decisionmakers about their current ones.It's the intersection between what just happened and the idea it is always better next season.Raiders coach Dennis Allen understands this. He just polished a tumultuous 412 season, The first year in what he hopes will be a booming rebuilding project in Oakland.Allen and the Raiders staff are coaching north of manchester team at the Senior Bowl, despite the fact that Detroit Lions coaching staff is directing the South team. It's always the staffs of teams that did not make the playoffs who get an upclose look at some of the draft's best prospects,It was a tricky year, Allen shown. "There were some things personally and properly that made it a challenging year. We madea quite a few change there, Within the provider, interior team. But I really thought right at the end you could see some signs there, You were going the needed direction, Doing the things,It's a procedure that takes some time, And the key thing I want to look at is that we continue to proceed, That we continue to put one foot ahead of the other. And as doing that, Then we'll eventually get to where we need to,But be the rub. Every NFL team is seeking to walk in those same footsteps, The ones where improvement and consistency resulted in Super Bowl. so who make the title game, The job becomes to repeat the process, making it back, No matter how difficult that could be,That's the national football league, Allen said. "Some teams are able to do it. Some teams will never be. I believe we're doing the right things and seeing the right things in place. It's when you try to modify and change and change, Because it's not working, that's when you struggle.This material most likely is not published, over the air, Rewritten or redistributed for any large purpose,

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