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Next Seahawks competitor

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STAR pressure:. the human beings highlight film has run for 889 yards and three touchdowns and passed for 2,278 showrooms and 13 touchdowns. He needs 80 rushing yards to break the NFL season record for a quarterback set by Bobby Douglass in 1972.

UNSUNG good guy:. The weakside linebacker leads the c's in tackles and is the metronome that sets the tempo for the Falcons' defense.

at that moment: our Falcons' secondary. Atlanta ranks 21st in passing Jamar Taylor Youth Jersey defense, Allowing typically 223.7 gardens per game, And opposing quarterbacks have a group passing rating of 81.6.

BURNING concept: How much will Vick play resistant to the Seahawks? He sat out this morning to rest a sore left shoulder, But Falcons teacher Jr. Said Monday that Vick plays this week. Whether it's a cameo appearance or a full playoff tuneup likely will count on Dolphins Jamar Taylor Jersey the flow of the game. Rookie was 17 of 41 and threw two fourthquarter interceptions from the Saints while subbing for Vick.

INJURY analysis: as well as Vick, Pro Bowl scarce end (aching knee) And exercising back Jamar Taylor Black Jersey (Knee surgical treatment) Also sat out your Saints. But Mora said they will practice today and may play Sunday. Cornerback has missed the past three games because of a strained groin and is debatable.

up to date FACES: Mora, within his first season as an NFL head coach, performed at the and. Wide receiver entered the NFL as a rookie free agent with the Seahawks in 1998 but premiered during training camp. Crumpler is the younger brother of former Seahawks tight end.

a final WORD: "now that you start allowing excuses to creep into the equation, guess what happens you become? you in turn become a loser, Mora, On Vick and Crumpler not taking part in Sunday's loss to the Saints.

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