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And history has yielded plenty of shocks

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VATICAN CITY Cardinals from all over gather this week in a conclave to elect a new pope following the stunning resignation of Benedict XVI. In the deceptive world of the Vatican, There is no way to know who elevates the running, And history has yielded plenty of shocks. Yet several names have come up routinely as strong contenders. Here is a look at who they are:

primary ANGELO SCOLA: Scola is seen as Italy's best chance at claiming back the papacy, Following backtoback pontiffs from outside the country that had a lock on the job for centuries. He's also just about the top names among all of the papal contenders. Scola, 71, Has led both the pulpits of Milan's Duomo as archbishop and Venice's St. Mark's Cathedral for patriarch, Two extremely esteemed church positions that together gave the world five popes during the 20th century. Scola was widely viewed as a papal contender when Benedict was elected eight these days. His promotional to Milan, Italy's largest and most important diocese, Has been seen as a tipping point in making him one of the main papal candidates. Dolphins Dustin Keller Jersey He can be described as doctrinal conservative who is also at ease quoting Jack Kerouac and Cormac McCarthy.

cardinal ODILO SCHERER: Scherer is known for prolific tweeting, Appearances on Brazil's top selling latenight talk show and squeezing into the subway for morning commutes. Brazil's best hope to supply the next pontiff is increasingly being touted as the top overall contenders. At the relatively young age of 63, He swiftly embraces all new methods for reaching believers, While staying true to a careful line of Roman Catholic doctrine and hardline positions on social issues such as rejection of samesex marriage. Scherer joined twitting in 2011 and in his second tweet said: "If Jesus preached the gospel at this time, yet also use print media, radio stations, tv show, the 'net and Twitter. provide him a chance, Scherer was crowned Sao Paulo archbishop in 2007 and was named a cardinal later the same year.

cardinal MARC OUELLET: Canada's Ouellet once said that being pope "is going to be nightmare, He would know, Having enjoyed the self-belief of two popes as a topranked Vatican insider. His highprofile perspective as head of the Vatican's office for bishops, His lower leanings, His years in Latin America and his work in Rome as president of a key commission for Latin America all make him your favourite to become the first pontiff from the Americas. But the qualities that make the 68yearold popular in Latin America home to our planet's biggest Catholic population and among the cardinals who elect the pope have contributed to his poor image in his native Quebec, Where ironically he was perceived during his tenure as archbishop as an outsider parachuted in from Rome to reorder his liberal province along efficient lines.

primary PETER ERDO: Erdo is the son of a deeply religious couple who defied communist repression in Hungary to practice their faith. And if chosen pope, The 60yearold is definitely the second pontiff to come from eastern Europe following in the footsteps of the late John Paul II, A Pole who left a great legacy helping topple communism. A cardinal since 2003, Erdo is an expert on canon law and notable university theologian who has also striven to forge close ties to the parish faithful. He is increasingly seen as a compromise candidate if cardinals are not able to rally around some of the more highprofile figures like Scola or Scherer.

primary GIANFRANCO RAVASI: Ravasi, The Vatican's ethnic heritage minister, Is an erudite scholar with a modern touch just the combination some faithful see as ideal for reviving a church beset by scandal and a shrinking flock. The 70yearold is also various favourites among Catholics who long to see a return to the tradition of Italian popes. The polyglot biblical scholar peppers speeches with references from Aristotle to late British diva Amy Winehouse. Ravasi's spanish prowess is reminiscent of that of the late globetrotting John Paul II: He tweets in english tongue, Chats in Italian and has impressed his audiences by exchanging to Hebrew and Arabic in some of his speeches.

cardinal PETER TURKSON: Often cast as the social conscience of the church, Ghana's Turkson is viewed by many as the top African competitor for pope. The 64yearold head of the Vatican's peace and justice office was widely credited with helping avert violence following contested Ghanaian elections. He has aggressively fought African poverty, While deflating many by hewing to the church's conservative line on condom use amid Africa's AIDS epidemic. Turkson's history as a man of peace took a hit recently when he showed a virulently antiIslamic video, A move now seen as hurting his papal sales opportunities. Observers say those prospects sank further when he broke a taboo against public jockeying for the papacy saying the day after Benedict's resignation news that he's up for the job "If it's the desire of God,

cardinal TIMOTHY DOLAN: Dolan, The 63yearold archbishop of chicago, Is an main stream, Affable defense of Catholic orthodoxy, And a wellknown religious figure in the states. seminar of Catholic Bishops, Instead of elevating the sitting vicepresident not surprisingly. And this 2012 presidential election, Republicans and Democrats competed that national political convention the cardinal would bless. He do you know both. But scholars wonder if his charisma and experience are enough for a real shot at succeeding Benedict.

cardinal JORGE MARIO BERGOGLIO: Bergoglio, 76, Has spent nearly his entire career behind in Argentina, managing churches and shoeleather priests. The archbishop of Buenos Aires apparently got the secondmost votes after Joseph Ratzinger in the 2005 papal election, And he has long specialized in the kind of pastoral work that some say is a vital skill for the next pope. In a lifetime teaching and leading priests in Latin America, Which has the largest share of earth's Catholics, Bergoglio has shown a keen political sensibility together with kind of selfeffacing humility that fellow cardinals value highly. Bergoglio is known for modernizing an Argentine church that had been being among the most conservative in Latin America.

cardinal LEONARDO SANDRI: Leonardo Sandri, 69, Is a Vatican insider who has run the daytoday operations of the global church's vast bureaucracy and roamed the world as a papal diplomat. He left his native Argentina for Rome at 27 and never returned to reside his homeland. Initially coached as a canon lawyer, He gained the No. 3 spot in the church's chain of command under Pope John Paul II, The zenith of a long career in the Vatican's diplomatic service which range from Africa to Mexico to Washington. As replacement secretary of state for seven years, He nearly served as the pope's chief of staff. The jovial diplomat has been knighted in a dozen international locations, And the church he is you get with as cardinal is Rome's exquisite, Baroque San Carlo ai Catinari.

primary LUIS ANTONIO TAGLE: Asia's most prominent Roman Catholic leader is able to reach the masses: He sings on action, Preaches on tv, Brings churchgoers to laughter and tears with his homilies. And he's on tagged. But the 55yearold Filipino's best response through the tide of secularism, Clergy sex abuse scandals and rivalfaith competition could be his good reputation for humility. His compassion for the poor and humble ways have impressed followers in his homeland, Asia's widest Catholic nation, And church commanders in the Vatican. Tagle's chances are thought to be remote, As effortless that Latin America or Africa with their fastergrowing Catholic flocks would be more logical choices if the papal electors look beyond Europe.

primary CHRISTOPH SCHOENBORN: Schoenborn is a softspoken conservative who is ready to listen to those espousing reform. That profile could appeal to fellow cardinals looking to elect a pontiff with the widestpossible appeal to our planet's 1 billion Catholics. His Austrian nationality may be his biggest drawback: Electors may be reluctant to get another German speaker as a successor to Benedict. A man of low ceiling for the child abuse scandals roiling the church, Schoenborn, 68, Himself was elevated to the upper echelons of the Catholic hierarchy after his forerunners resigned 18 years ago over accusations that he was a pedophile.

primary MALCOLM RANJITH: Benedict XVI picked the Sri Lankan Ranjith to return from Colombo to the Vatican to oversee the church's liturgy and rites in one of his first goes to as pope. a selection of Ranjith in 2005 rewarded a strong voice of tradition so rigid that some critics regard it even as backwardlooking. Ranjith in 2010 was named Sri Lanka's second cardinal ever. there are numerous strikes against a Ranjith candidacy Sri Lanka, as an example, just 1.3 million Catholics, Less than half the people of Rome. But the rising influence of the third world, combined with 65yearold's strong conservative credentials, assists in maintaining his name in the mix of papal contenders.

primary ANDRES RODRIGUEZ MARADIAGA: Authentic Dustin Keller Jersey eventually, Maradiaga embodies the activist wing of the Roman Catholic Church as an open campaigner of human rights, A watchdog on climate change and advocate of international debt relief for poor nations. some other, still, See the 70yearold Honduran as a reactionary in another direction: Women's Dustin Keller Jersey called sympathetic to a coup in his homeland and stirring accusations of antiSemitism for remarks that some believe suggested Jewish interests encouraged extra media attention on church sex abuse scandals. Maradiaga, the specific archbishop of Tegucigalpa, Is among a handful of Latin American prelates considered to have a credible shot at the papacy.

primary ANGELO BAGNASCO: currently the archbishop of Genoa, Bagnasco also is head of the powerful Italian bishops' management meeting. Both roles give him outsized change in the conclave, Where Italians represent the largest national bloc, And could nudge ahead his papal chances if the conclave looks to send back the papacy to Italian hands. At 70 yrs. old, Bagnasco is seen as in the right age bracket for papal particular attention. But his lack of intercontinental experience and exposure could be a major liability.

cardinal SEAN PATRICK O'MALLEY: As archbishop of birkenstock boston, O'Malley has faced the fallout from the church's abuse scandals for nearly a decade. The fact he is mentioned at all as a potential papal candidate is testament to his efforts to bring together an archdiocese the main thing on the abuse disclosures. Global plans spill over, Even circuitously, Onto the Vatican's graphic. O'Malley is among the most Internetsavvy members of the conclave.

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