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They've served as proof of heroic work. in addition

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often, Recordings of 911 calls have proven to be an indispensable tool in helping the public understand and evaluate the conduct of emergency personnel.

In one of the most wellpublicized cases, Such as the recordings made in the World Trade Center on 9/11, They've served as proof of heroic work. in addition, Such as the case of a Chicago boy in the past who was hung up on twice while calling 911 as his mother lay dying, They expose major gaps in emergency emotion.

But under legal procedure proposed by Assemblywoman Norma Torres, DPomona, Californians would be prevented from hearing most if not all of these 911 tapes.

Assembly Bill 1275 would prohibit public agencies from disclosing portion of a 911 emergency mobile call providing medical or personal identifying information. That most medicalrelated 911 calls could fall under the broad definition of or details, It could effectively block the release of a great number tapes.

So is there much motivation for doing this? it is rather simple. it is not about preventing abuse or shielding children. This is about protecting girls.

Torres introduced her bill pursuing the release of a emergency call on Jan. 23 concerning actress Demi Moore. Paramedics were called to her seminole florida home after friends reported, amongst other things, That she was semiconscious and was convulsing after she had something such as incense.

Torres contends famous brands details that were revealed in the call should have been kept private. She told reporters in Sacramento that 911 calls private and sensitive information that should never be broadcast to everyone. In many ways they previously are. they are both public and protected. Courts have held that under the California vital records Act, These emergency calls are part of the public domain and that no one has a presumption of privacy once they dial 911 or answer such a call.

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in addition, Federal law and the vital records Act already gives emergency personnel discretion to block the release of information that is directly medical related or would cause an unwarranted invasion of privacy.

Such was the outcome with Demi Moore. The tape of the call was edited before its release to remove statements this can include interpreted as violating laws concerning medical privacy.

So what is truly achieved by this new law? We suspect this has less to do about righting some wrong than it does shielding movie stars from being cast in a poor Dolphins Cameron Wake Jersey light.

We are not aware of cases where family members or friends have been reluctant to call 911 out of fear that their words Authentic Cameron Wake Jersey may appear in a public transcript. some day. But we are aware of cases where bungled 911 calls are actually a critical tool Cameron Wake Youth Jersey in improving accountability and performance of dispatchers and first responders. Fear of the former really should not allowed to block the real benefits of the latter.

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