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And heroes are not speculated to die

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HATTIESBURG, fail to see. Titans quarterback Vince Young didn't expect to speak Saturday during his mentor's funeral. He wound up summing up the emotional day with some words.

"Steve was staying a hero to me, And heroes are not speculated to die, Young said before stopping to rub his eyes as he cited the man he knew from football camps as a teenager and called "springs" steve McNair, His forerunner with the Titans.

very nearly Dolphins Ryan Tannehill Jersey 5,000 turned out to say goodbye to the 36yearold during leading funerals in the recent history of Mississippi, McNair's home proclaim.

Fans and old friends filed into the Reed Green Coliseum on the campus of the university of Southern Mississippi, And McNair's family rented buses to haul in people from his hometown of Mount Olive. Not far away sat men who competed against McNair or coached him on the area.

The high school football team McNair's son plays on wore their jerseys honoring the man they often saw smiling from the sidelines.

"Mississippi has lost a huge legend, says Cardell Jones, McNair's secondary education coach at Alcorn State.

The hearse carrying McNair's silverygray casket was escorted 30 miles down Highway 49 by nine law enforcement officials on motorcycles and several vehicles carried family members.

as soon as the twohour service, The procession headed back the next day for a private burial at Griffith Cemetery, About 20 miles from mt Olive.

court escorted McNair's wife, Mechelle, spectacular mother, Lucille, Into the stadium before. near to Ryan Tannehill Youth Jersey the end, a handful of people surrounded his mother and his sons, Waving them with fans and programs and giving hugs.

Brett Favre, Who had a home near McNair's here in Hattiesburg, Sat a few rows behind the McNair family but decided not to speak. Titans inform. Jeff Fisher, Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis and Chicago qb Jay Cutler attended. Doug Williams, The first black quarterback to win the Super Bowl, Also was available.

Young was included on the service late, And the qb drafted by Tennessee in 2006 to replace McNair remembered him as a father and mentor. Young said he felt selfish at times taking McNair leaving his four sons to help him through his own life.

He then pointed at the Oak Grove High football team sitting in the stands and told them not to give up they were someone who inspires them.

"look closely at that guy because every day you know I had to hear that guy's voice, youth said.

Lewis played against McNair and was his teammate Ryan Tannehill Black Jersey one last two years of his NFL career. Lewis said he learned studying film and proper technique wouldn't help him beat a quarterback fueled by will, Heart and sacrifice.

"I find myself in awe when I speak about a man like Steve McNair, Lewis wanted to say.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was those types of who sent flowers. Titans owner Bud Adams attended a memorial service Thursday night in nashville, Where thousands more went to. Fisher was called up to speak from the audience, And he pulled Young over to the podium and led the audience in the Lord's Prayer just as he did during 11 seasons with McNair before every kickoff.

Bobby Hamilton, Who played at southern region Miss and in the NFL with New England and Oakland, Used to sleep and incapacitated of McNair's oldest brother, sam, When he brandished at Alcorn State. He also cheered on McNair during his career and recalled how McNair rallied Alcorn State once by scoring two touchdowns with just one minute left.

"lifestyle. and painful. damage he was a warrior.. I can't even say the word how this warrior happened, an emotional Hamilton said.

this system included memories from McNair's mother, His lady and sons, brothers, and then nieces additionally nephews. Photos were also displayed of the quarterback who played 13 NFL seasons with Tennessee and Baltimore before retiring in 2008.

Coach Nevil Barr brought the jerseyclad Oak Grove team to the product. bob McNair Jr. attends Oak Grove, And his father joined Favre at a summer workout two weeks ago to play catch for the kids.

"He was on our sideline every Friday night accommodating his son, Barr spoken. "He loved into the future watch Steve Jr, And we loved having to deal with him there. He normally had that smile,

Deloris Cagins of nearby Columbia wore the black and gold of McNair's alma mater, Alcorn city, And had a pompom linked with her walker. She has kinfolk who eventually joined her beloved Braves, Where McNair made a Heisman Trophy run and set a number of NCAA Division IAA records prior to going third overall in the NFL draft in 1995 to the thenHouston Oilers.

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