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Cardinals Jasper Brinkley

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American Heritage OL Roderick Johnson drops Gators commitment

Tuesday, Aug 7): Johnson apparently reconsidered his decommitment to Florida (side note: there a phrase you find only in recruiting stories).

Via text message, he told the Post Jeff Greer the Sentinel report was premature and while he was planning to visit Auburn, West Virginia and Florida State, he still considers himself committed to Florida.

The Sentinel quoted (and provided audio) of Johnson discussing his favorite schools FSU at the top, Florida No. 3 so this would seem to contradict that.

All that seems clear is Johnson is not solidly committed to UF, though he may well sign there on signing day.

A reminder here that verbal commitments are nonbinding. Seniors can sign letters of intent beginning Feb. 6, 2013.

A coaching change in the ranks of the Florida Gators has one local lineman rethinking his options.

American Heritage senior offensive tackle Roderick Johnson told the SunSentinel on Monday he is no longer committed to UF, days after former wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator Aubrey Hill resigned his position.

Johnson, a 6foot6, 315pound threestar recruit, committed to Florida in March and said he felt close to Hill, who was the program lead recruiter in Palm Beach County.

Johnson said Florida State is now his top school, followed by West Virginia, Florida, South Carolina and Auburn, in that order.

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Auburn and Cam Newton were completely cleared by the NCAA. Auburn does send players home if the cannot abide by conduct rules. Auburn will never , ever condone bad behavior. We have a coach, Chizik, who leads by example and expects all players and coaches to do the same. If any players chose to play at Auburn, they need a heads up on what is expected of them or they will find themselves watching the team play at home. If players want to own guns, get drunk, do drugs, or commit crimes we can save you alot of trouble and simply chose another college to attend. Auburn is a clean college and we want to keep it that way. War Eagle!!

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