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Javier Arenas Black Jersey

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American Football Stars And Javier Arenas Black Jersey The Price Of Their Fame

After seeing the attention American football gets and that football players are so loved and hated at the same time, I wondering what this sport is all about, what makes it so interesting.

I looked a little in the history of American football and I saw that it evolved from a Cardinals Rob Housler combination of other sports, like rugby or soccer. It was first played under this name in 1869 and received its own distinct rules in 1880. Still, the reason for which people love football so much was not clear for me until I watched one game. Then I saw it!

First, there are the players; they have uniforms that make them big and manly, with broad shoulders and fierce looks, transforming them in the idol of every man and the dream of every woman. Then, there is the game, which is very interactive and people friendly. After each move the players make, there is a reason for cheering and it is expected this way. The viewer is directly involved with his favorite players and enjoys every minute of the game. Also, the fact that you can eat and drink while watching the game makes it pleasant and casual.

After seeing the game, I understood the appeal it has on the audience. No wonder that the players are stars. And when a young man shows real talent, everyone is watching his every move.

Should we then be so surprised that sometimes these young players make a mistake or tell a lie that sounds well? I would say not.

These days I read some comments that became viral. They were about a 21 years old linebacker, named Manti Te'o, that plays at the University of Notre Dame. A very talented young man, who has shown repeatedly that he has a strong will and dedicates himself completely to every game he plays. In fact Manti Te'o received so many prizes that he became the most decorated collegiate football player of all times.

On September 11, 2012 a tragedy happened in this young man's family and he declared that his grandmother and girlfriend died almost at the same time. Despite this unfortunate event, Manti Te'o played with all his heart and won against Michigan State being very much appreciated for it.

The interest generated by this information, otherwise private, was huge; so much that they hired a private detective to investigate the story about his girlfriend. So, in January 16, 2013, the investigators concluded that the dead girlfriend didn't exist, and the whole story was made up, either by Manti Te'o's friends, or by the player himself.

The information became viral, getting more than one million comments and views on the social media. Everybody has something to say or critic; the personal issue of a young man became national news.

Sometimes the way people's lives are analyzed and commented becomes overwhelming for them, as they are not different from us just because they know success and fame. We all love a good story and sometimes we really believe that it concerns us, but often the attention becomes aggressive and intruding, reminding us that real life should not be confused with fiction and that behind a public persona there is also a human being.

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