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Limited Calais Campbell Jersey

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amazingly detailed Super Bowl dream

TAMPA, Fla. If you ever happen to find yourself at one of these giant media settings, or even an ordinary Broncos a press conference, you probably hear someone described as being talker. reporterspeak for a player who gives good interview. At these major national events, where every guy on each team roster is available for interviews, part of the challenge is figuring out who the talkers are. They might not always be the best players, but these players become the goto guys because they have the best anecdotes, stories about teammates, and often offer insightful comments about the game itself. That why, if you read Broncos news regularly, you frequently see quotes from guys like Brandon Stokley and Ebenezer Ekuban and Elvis Dumervil. Good talkers, all of them.

It didn take long here in Tampa to realize that Arizona defensive tackle Darnell Dockett is a darn good talker. One of the best I ever seen, maybe.

The game tied, 2121 late in the fourth quarter, with the Steelers driving to the red zone. Arizona safety Adrian Wilson lays a crushing hit on a Pittsburgh player to pop the ball loose, and Dockett scoops up the fumble and rushes 80 yards down the sidelines for the gamewinning touchdown. Dockett is named the game MVP.

That certainly would have been detail enough, but Dockett dream isn done yet. And this is where it gets good:

As the MVP in Dockett dream world, he awarded a Cadillac Escalde and a trip to Disney World. And then a trip to the White House to visit with new President Barack Obama with his teammates. give Obama Michael Floyd Elite Jersey a high five, and then we go get some tattoos together, Dockett said.

" room for Limited Calais Campbell Jersey Flacco nor his overrated teammates So then it obvious that this can be interpreted as."August 26, 2013, 11:28 pmDenver Post Broncos Twitter.

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