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but 'not a guarantee' for Broncos

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Peyton ManningMar 25:Broncos' Israel Idonije Youth Jersey Peyton Manning beats fear factor in his return to NFLMar 21:Tim Tebow's career with Broncos nearly over, as John Elway goes with ManningManning has "lot of work to do" on neck, but Broncos knowWith his new Hall of Fameworthy quarterback seated directly to his right, it took mere seconds for John Elway to go from enthusiastic, almost giddy, executive to nononsense football boss.And having welcomed the biggest free agent catch in NFL history in Peyton Manning on Tuesday, Elway framed the historic day as a first step and not the destination for all involved."This guarantees us nothing," Elway said. "It guarantees us a chance to work hard."But Elway and Manning agree they have the right guy for that job, which is why the ManningBroncos marriage began Tuesday with smiles, handshakes and talk of the pursuit of championships."It just felt right," Manning said. ". Now it's up to me to make this the right decision, for everybody."The Broncos formally introduced Manning, with a No. 18 jersey in hand courtesy of a phone call to former Broncos quarterback Frank Tripucka, Women's Israel Idonije Jersey to the world marking one of the most significant moves in the franchise's history and certainly the most significant move of Elway's tenure as the team's executive vice president of football operations.Elway said it a was lowkey approach from the Broncos, coupled with Manning's desire to be up front about the neck injury that kept him off the field in 2011, that allowed the two sides to mesh. Manning talked to several teams and took visits to the Titans and 49ers to go with Israel Idonije Jersey White his trip to Denver almost two weeks ago.Manning added it was Elway's ability to talk quarterbacktoquarterback that may have helped tipped the scales as well."I'm seeing him as the leader of a franchise," Manning said. "I really liked what he had to say. Everyone knows what kind of competitor he is as a player. I can tell he's just as competitive in this new role. That got me excited."Manning phoned the Titans and 49ers Monday morning to inform. those teams of his decision to play in Denver just before he called Elway to give him the news. Broncos head coach John Fox, who was in Elway's office at the time of the call, said "I almost pulled both hamstrings" jumping up and down.Manning agreed to a fiveyear, $96 million contract that includes injury protection for the Broncos Manning must pass a physical 10 days before the start of the league year in 2013 to earn $20 million in 2013 and 2014. Manning was whisked to the second floor of the Broncos' Dove Valley complex about 3:30 Tuesday afternoon to sign the deal.The deal is also believed to include an injury waiver for Manning's neck he had a cervical fusion before the 2011 and has three other surgeries on his neck where the Broncos would not pay Manning's 2014 salary if he injures the neck during the 2013"I knew both sides had to be comfortable (with the deal)," Manning said. " . I didn't want to start out on a bad foot and put anybody in a tough situation because (the neck) . I was an open book."Manning's arrival likely spells the end of Tim Tebow's tenure with the team. Elway lauded Tebow's work last season, but called the NFL a tough business, offering signing Manning was "absolutely the best decision for the Denver Broncos."Elway said the team is currently considering its option with Tebow and added that while no talks have been opened with any team a trade was one of the options."Tim Tebow's a great kid," Elway said. "If I want someone to marry my daughter, it's him.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed for any commercial purpose.

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