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To explain the feature and working principle of ore thickener

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Hongxing practical experience in, style, procedure, installation and repair of thickeners and clarifiers throughout the entire world is assurance of high quality. By way of SBM’s top thickening and clarifying systems you are going to reward from very low expenditure and procedure cost, large dependability and prolonged assistance lifestyle.

To mine volume and plus dose used manually control, end of flow row mine used automatic control, used double entered single output fuzzy logic and PJD combined of algorithm, to mine used Electromagnetic Flowmeter monitoring, end of flow concentration used γ-ray density meter detection, thick machine within storage mine volume with micro-poor pressure meter detection, control system for distributed control, system has three level overload protection, ensure thick machine stability work.

When on high efficiency deep cone thickener, thickener bottom stockpiling large amounts of high-concentration slurry, progressively in high concentration slurry extrusion, so as to meet the requirement of the flow at the end of concentration. Process design transformation processes of concentration system retained after enrichment operations in the first paragraph, for some enrichment operations improved, adding one HRC225 higher education deep cone thickener, thickeners, select, 6th or 7th one to transforming higher education, another as a standby well, cancelled three enrichment operations.

Unique features of Hongxing ore thickener:

1. Simple structure, easy operation

2. Stable operation at get the job done, without any power, Reduced labor costs.

3. Classification and dewatering efficiency is substantial, minimal turbidity of overflow water.

4. Lower investment decision costs, Gear almost no wearing parts.

5. It can be a new kind of environmentally products.

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