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Lubrication maintenance of dry stone production line

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In recent years, with the rapid progress of domestic infrastructure construction and stone industries, stone supply is growing, the directly drive the stone industry market demand. Today I will introduce everybody the difference between dry and wet stone production line.

First reducing the production cost. Stone production line maintenance and overhaul ensure the normal work of the important means which is often prolonging the service life of the machine. For lubrication, users should pay attention to the following: stone production line adopts the thin oil splash lubrication, lubricating oil should be determined according to the using place, temperature conditions, generally USES gear oil; Stone production line should guarantee the vibrator in the thin oil is higher than the standard height (by joint bend charging),must be replaced once every 5 to 6 months, oil change when the application of clean gasoline or kerosene cleaning tank, bearing raceway. Through system classifier after artificial sand to remove mud powder can be inside, in order to achieve the standard of building sand, artificial sand and can also be through the classifier of stone powder content control within the scope of the provisions of the state, so as to improve the compressive strength of concrete and the workability of concrete.

Wet stone production line in the production process needs a lot of water to wash the sand, from a certain perspective for water resources is a waste, and in the process of production of powder washing is also a waste of mineral resources. The dry process production line is don't need to water wash, and crushed stone production line for production process of powder can reasonable use, thus to some extent, save water resources and mineral resources, more environmentally friendly method of specific humidity stone production line.

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