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The other four occupants of the automobile

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Police were any traffic stop on Pilot Street near Lawrence Ave. electronic. and as a result Kingston Rd. When one of the occupants got out of the car to urinate, Said company Sgt. Bob Burns of 43 area.

Officers could see he had a handgun in his waist, Said is.

the man, someone 6foot8, Tried to fight off two officers when they went to arrest him but was eventually overpowered. Police then seized a 40calibre semiautomatic handgun with a full publication in it.

Brenton Edwards is involved in two counts of assault with intent to resist arrest, Failure to adhere to probation and several weapons charges.

The other four occupants of the automobile, Including former nfl linebacker Henri Crockett, Were Women's Reshad Jones Jersey charged by having a firearm in a vehicle.

Crockett, 34, Played seven seasons in the NFL for the Atlanta Falcons and mn Reshad Jones Black Jersey Vikings from 1997 to 2003. The Vikings released him prior to when the 2004 season. He is the brother of former nfl fullback Zack Crockett.

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