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AJC endures minus D

DETROIT Good evening. Welcome to Monday night football on Saturday night. Because while the NFL sees nothing wrong with multiple Thursday games that increase the chance of concussion hangovers (shortened game weeks) and is pushing for an 18game season, at least it won make teams play on Christmas Eve.

Before we get to the FalconsDetroit game, I like to give a shout out to the captain of the AJC Falcons coverage, Darryl Led Ledbetter. He a former high school cornerback who claims to have patterned his game after Jack Tatum, the only difference being that Tatum took out opponents and

Last Saturday morning, while carrying three loads of laundry, he tripped on a book that was left on the stairs at the state Ledbetter manor. Down went Lightning. His left leg buckled.

An Xray revealed no damage so DLed toughed it out last Sunday, covering the Falcons New York Giants game with what he (and a mistaken doctor) believed was just a bad knee sprain. But a followup MRI

Matthew Stafford (Georgia) and Calvin Johnson (Georgia Tech) have been a lethal combination since uniting in the NFL. (AP photo)

revealed DLed had a ruptured quadriceps, which required surgery Thursday.

hoping to be back by the playoffs, he said.

That still put him ahead of Ray Edwards.

So the able and fleetfooted Michael Cunningham has come in off the bench and is in Motown with me for tonight coverage. Michael told me he long had been dreaming of making a December trip to the tropical paradise that is Detroit. (I might have made that up.)

OK, about the game. The Falcons are coming off their biggest win and most impressive performance of the season, a 340 blowout of the Giants. This game can match that one in marquee value but there a lot on the line. A win over the Lions guarantees them a firstround bye and the No. 1 seed in the playoffs, which would give several banged up players a week of needed rest. Here are the scenarios:

They secure a firstround bye with: 1) A win or tie tonight; OR 2) a Green Bay loss or tie vs. Tennessee; OR 3) a San Francisco loss at Seattle.

They secure the No. 1 seed with: 1) A win tonight; OR 2) a tie and a San Francisco loss or tie; OR 3) A Green Bay loss or tie and a San Francisco loss.

A strong performance against the Lions would be a good sign going into the postseason, whereas an emotional letdown would again make some wonder about what lies ahead. As tight end Tony Gonzalez said, "This is not the time to go cool. It's not the time to think you've arrived. Actually, it's the worst time to have that attitude."

Stating the obvious: The Falcons defense likely will doublecover wide receiver Calvin Johnson (who has a chance to break Jerry Rice singleseason receiving record) because there is not much else on the Lions offense to worry about. Offensively, the team will be rematched against Mr. Wholesome, Ndamukong Suh, and the Lions defensive front. Detroit actually has been pretty solid defensively, especially for a 410 team, but the Lions have hurt themselves with turnovers (26) and penalties (6.9 per game).

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