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Nike Lebron X Low Bright Mango 10-Year-Old &quot

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10-Year-Old "Mini-Monet" Making a Killing in the Art World Kieron Williamson is an artist who is making bank. He saw 23 of his paintings sell for 242,095 ($367,800) in only 20 minutes, bought by phone and email buyers this past Nike Lebron X Low Bright Mango Prospects look bright for the young artist--and he's really young. He's only 10 years old.His parents Keith and Michelle Adidas Copa Boots 2014 46 and 40, are sure that their son's abilities along with the buzz around his talent will bring his total earnings to $2.3 million. Do you feel unaccomplished yet If not, maybe this will bring you over the edge.Hay bales at sunset by Kieron WilliamsonThe money from his sales is being invested on Kieronas behalf, however he has already purchased a house worth over $2 million in Norfolk Broads village of Ludham. It will house his own art gallery which will open in September. He's been described as the "Mini-Monet." Don't most 10-year-olds just look at BarneyThe kid has been recognized as a remarkable and unique talent. Adrian Hill, the managing director of the Picturecraft gallery, said: "The recognition from art critics and fine artists is absolutely remarkable. A senior figure from the Royal Institute of Oil Painters who met him described him as the future of oil painting in the U.K."


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