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Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings Liberty Fairs NYC- Black Ivy n

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Liberty Fairs NYC: Black Ivy Spring/Summer 2014 Collection Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs the sharply dressed guys behind the New York style. blog Street Etiquette unveiled the Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2014 collection for their brand Black Ivy, originally launched 2013 Predator Cleats 2010 with a series of tees inspired by heritage Ivy League style. At the Liberty Fairs NYC trade show last week, the nascent brand showcased a collection of tees, shorts and woven short-sleeve shirts, almost all of which were finished in bold and colorful prints in a range of eye-catching The unique dip dyes and woven thread designs were emblematic of the impressive attention to detail, with wool collaborative caps from Ebbets Field acting as the throwback counterpoint to the progressive aesthetic. See more of the Spring/Summer 2014 collection in the gallery below. 1 2 3Next page of story


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