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Women's Birki's Sandals

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Guess what our Birkenstock Restore Shop did this summer time? They handcrafted customized Birkenstock sandals for the Houghton Spring/Summer 14 collection. The designer, Katharine Polk, despatched the elements to our maintenance shop and we reworked them into stunningly beautiful, one-of-a-kind Arizonas and Zurichs. The collection, and Women's Birki's Sandals our sandals premiered last week throughout New Yorks Fashion Week to glowing opinions by the fashion bloggers.

This fee was a giant honor for Footwise and we appreciated the opportunity to certainly be a section of this kind of an enjoyable undertaking. The most beneficial part? A similar people that created the shoes for Houghton will restore your sandals and clogs if you convey them to us for repairs. You can even set up on your Birkenstock repairs at our internet web-site. With summer time winding down now could be a good time to usher in your favorite Birkenstock sandals or clogs birkenstock shoes for some recrafting.

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