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So a resolution is coming, one method or another

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The gambling are bringing in three players with a combined 16 Pro Bowl appearances for visits Friday.

in addition to some safety Adrian Wilson and defensive end John Abraham, The Pats will host former indianapolis colts defensive end Dwight Freeney, based on a person informed of the visit. anybody, Who spoke to USA TODAY Sports on condition of anonymity because team doesn't comment on freeagent meetings, Said Freeney is in New England.

The person said Freeney also remains in play for the gambling, Who continue to have a contract staredown with defensive end Elvis Dumervil. The Broncos want Dumervil to take a pay cut and he has countered with a task to take only minimal slashes to his salary. Dumervil's $12 million salary for this season becomes surefire on the fifth day of the league year (thursday), So a resolution is coming, one method or another.

The Patriots must be looking to add experience and reliability to what has been a young, Inconsistent defense within the last few few seasons. the use of both Abraham and Freeney, Who could both be put into the roster and aren't being played against one another, Means fortunately they are looking to upgrade their pass rush on the edges.

The Pats were tied for 15th in the league in sacks last basic season with 37. Rookie defensive end Chandler Jones had five sacks through six games but only one within the next 10 (your postseason). Abraham and/or Freeney could show last year's firstround pick a few things about getting to the quarterback.

Abraham was cut by the Atlanta Philip Wheeler Youth Jersey Falcons not too long ago despite coming off a 10sack season. he's going to turn 35 in May, So resources, Age and durability were all a concern. Abraham was retarded by an ankle injury in the Authentic Philip Wheeler Jersey playoffs. really, Abraham played in all 16 regularseason games last year and hasn't missed two game in any season since 2006.

Abraham is the active sack leader with 122 in his career and told USA TODAY Sports keep away from he's trying to add to that number to help solidify a Hall of Fame resume. He thinks he may be Dolphins Philip Wheeler Jersey offered three more years out of his "Raggedy, Old muscle,

prefer Abraham and Freeney, Wilson is a smart, Durable experienced person. The 33yearold Wilson was already released by the Cardinals after 12 seasons in Arizona. After all that losing, He could use some sustained success over the last few years of his career.

The Patriots are surely after Wilson to help out with a pass defense that was the fourthworst in the NFL last regular season with 271.4 yards available per game. The Pats are also hoping resign cornerback Aqib Talib, Who become courted by a few teams, such as Washington Redskins.

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