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there's the nagging issue of a noncall that sealed their doom

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NEW ORLEANS As much as the 49ers tried to accept the duty Sunday for letting Super Bowl XLVII slip away at the Superdome, there's the nagging issue of a noncall that sealed their doom.

On fourthandgoal within 5yard line with 1:50 to play and looking 3429, Quarterback Colin Kaepernick attempted to hit Michael Crabtree on the end zone while under pressure.

Crabtree was clearly engaged relatively with cornerback Jimmy Smith, But no charges was called. The 49ers' bid for the biggest Brandon Gibson Jersey White comeback in Super Bowl history was over, With the Ravens holding on for a 3431 win after taking an intentional safety.

"When man or women grabs you, you always expect a call, But you are unable to whine to the refs, Crabtree said. "It is how it is,

The play was similar to a fourthdown pass thrown by Matt Ryan to Roddy White in the NFC championship game against the Atlanta Falcons. On the fact play, 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman broke on the ball and might have hit White before the ball arrived. The pass was partial, No charges was called, And the 49ers took title with 1:09 being.

FortyNiners educate Jim Harbaugh, Who opened by saying he wanted "command this with class and grace, Couldn't help but make his sensitivities known in a matteroffact fashion.

indeed, Harbaugh had issues using more than just the final play. On a seconddown throw to Crabtree again with Smith Brandon Gibson Youth Jersey as the Brandon Gibson Black Jersey defender Harbaugh thought his player has been fouled.

"There's no question in my mind that there was a pass disturbance, And then a hold on Crabtree on the actual final one, Harbaugh suggested.

following, Harbaugh stopped within the center of a question about something else to reiterate: "I realize I'm to the side of the 49ers. I'm the coach through 49ers. there may be some bias there, But I wouldn't be bringing it up unless it was obvious. But that's not the way they saw it. employing only reason I bring it up,

Kaepernick said he changed the play at the fishing line of scrimmage, Seeing Crabtree with single policy. repeated,That wasn't very first option. I audibled at the line depending on the look they gave us, Kaepernick pronounced.

Crabtree, Who caught five passes for 109 yards and got the 49ers' first landing on a 31yard pass from Kaepernick, Wore the unsatisfied look of a player who saw the biggest moment of his life slip away.

"setting up, There was a couple of plays where the guy was on me vendor ball got to me, Crabtree considered. "I don't even want to discuss it. It's depressing, myarticlenetwork. It's the game winning touchdown. renders me sad. oahu is the Super Bowl. exactly what you live for,

Former NFL vice chairman of officiating Mike Pereira said in a tweet: "Tough play that turning out to be close both ways. Good job not calling products,

Former Giants preventative end Michael Strahan, conversely, Tweeted, "That replay tv series one hell of a hold,

Center Jonathan Goodwin was one of many players who hadn't seen a replay but said, "I've got enough questions regarding it that lets me know something was up. generally, You can't get it back. It's just tough to lose a game like that on a questionable call at the end,

Tight end Delanie Walker was buying a pass route on the play and said: "I saw they were trying to stop him from getting to the back of the end zone. But that knows? The ball possibly wasn't catchable. i don't know,

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