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LeBron X Infrared Amar'e among Miss America judges

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Amar'e among Miss America judges ATLANTIC CITY, NJ (AP)HARDWOOD TO HOLLYWOODAnd all sports in between. Plenty of Tinseltown's biggest names once excelled LeBron X Infrared athletics.Former `N Sync singer Lance Bass and New York Knicks forward Amar'e Stoudemire highlight the list of judges for next month's Miss America pageant in Atlantic City.Joining them will be Grammy Award-winning violinist Joshua Bell; comedian and performer Mario Cantone; and Barbara Corcoran, an LeBron X Infrared from ABC's entrepreneurial competition show ''Shark Tank.'' Also on the panel are Carla Hall, co-host of ABC's food-and-talk show ''The Chew,'' and Deidre Downs Gunn, an and gynecologist who was the last Miss America to be crowned in Atlantic City.Pageant officials announced the list of judges Tuesday.The pageant will be broadcast live from Boardwalk Hall on Sept. 15. It had been held in Las Vegas the past six years before returning to New Jersey.


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