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Activist Viktor Kerney on LGBT Leadership and Diversity

Viktor Kerney is a Los Aneglesbased collegiate student affairs administrator. He is also the blogger and activist behind the Black Weblog Jahvid Best Black Jersey Awardnominated Southern4Life.

"I hoping Netroots Nation will change that," Kerney tells R20. Stephen Tulloch Black Jersey "[LGBT media] will go to a few voices but there are many others as well. They need to challenge themselves and see what other people are writing,"

"I happy [some of us] are here," Kerney tells R20. "But [the relative few] shows that we have to encourage our own to attend these events. I would like to see more Black LGBT leadership on the boards of major organizations. And more outreach towards finding more LGBT leaders of color."

This is Viktor first Netroots Nation. He is one of about 40 bloggers and activists recruited on a scholarship program developed by the fabulous Mike Rogers and Netroots Nation. Listen:.

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