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2012 Ultimate Prom Contest winner

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2012 Ultimate Prom Contest winner

The 2012 Ultimate Prom Contest winner, Heloise Dubois from Springfield Cathedral High School, enjoyed her prom on May 23 at the Log Cabin in Holyoke. Joined by her date, Cullen Geary, Dubois put her prize to great use.

The 2012 prom sponsors once again did a wonderful job getting Dubois and Geary ready for prom. Heloise selected a beautiful dress and her date, Cullen, was outfitted with a tuxedo rental, with flowers for both, to match. Visiting the salon, Cullen was given a trim while Heloise had her hair styled, her makeup applied and her nails painted. The classic red, doubledecker bus from Peter Pan Bus picked up Dubois, Geary and their friends, along with photographer Seth Kaye, who was along for the ride to document their entire wonderful evening, as the lucky couple headed out to prom.

There was a Nick Novak Authentic Jersey lot of competition for the Ultimate Prom contest prize this year with a large number of excellent entries. Essay judges Beth Ward of WGBY, Sheryl Shinn of Hampden Bank, Shannon Hegy of abc40/FOX 6 and Brenda Garton of Western New England University certainly had their work cut out for them in selecting a winner.

Reached by phone this week Melvin Ingram Black Jersey Dubois said she had a wonderful evening.

favorite thing about prom was definitely being around all of my friends whom I have grown so close with. Though I know we will always stay in touch, prom was the perfect way to celebrate the last four years of our friendship, said Dubois.

One of Dubois friends, Nora Garrity, also had a special moment of her own when the Peter Pan doubledecker bus made a detour to the Loomis Nursing Home in Holyoke so that Nora grandmother could see her granddaughter in her prom dress. The visit was a highlight for not only Nora and her grandmother, but for all the promgoers. Dubois said of the visit grandma was so touched and happy and I am so glad that Nora and her grandma were able to share that special moment. out the evening Dubois enjoyed the attention from awardwinning photographer, Seth Kaye, of Seth Kaye Photography. followed around by Seth Kaye all night was definitely an experience! I felt like I was a celebrity with my own personal paparazzi. When I saw the photos, however, I was so happy to have my prom documented so that I can keep these memories forever, said Dubois.

had the most amazing, unforgettable senior prom with the tornado class of 2012! and all the Ultimate Prom contest sponsors: Just B, Formal Affair, Durocher Florist, DiGrigoli Salon, Peter Pan Bus and Seth Kaye Photography congratulate Heloise and wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.

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