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2013 Pro Bowl ballot

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2013 Pro Bowl ballot

In reality, it was the sequel to 2011, about as similar as Hangover and Hangover 2. And now the Cowboys must figure out how to cure this hangover as well this year and not go down another 88 road where they miss the playoffs on the final week of the season.

At the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, a game that seemed to have better quality of play this year although it was still a scoringfest, Witten wasn't a big factor in the NFC's 6235 win. He had two catches for 12 yards as one of two Cowboys in the game. Anthony Spencer, playing most as a linebacker in a 43 scheme and wasn't allowed to blitz, had a pair of tackles. Actually, Witten's backup in the game, Minnesota's Kyle Rudolph, won MVP honors with five catches for 122 yards and a touchdown.

But after the game, Witten was asked about the Cowboys' chances of turning things around this year. And like always, the eternal optimist sounded confident not only that things can get better next year, but the right people are in place.

In one 30second answer on the field, Witten referenced the three people who have been taken the most criticism in the last year and last few seasons as well.

"Well it's any time you don't make the playoffs, it's challenging," Witten said. "I think we have a great head coach in Jason Garrett, and obviously great ownership the Jones family you trust they're going to get you back to the top. It's a commitment. It's a tough league. But we have the right people great leader in Tony (Romo). Hopefully we'll bounce back and be better in 2013."

At least Witten shares the same sentiments as most fans and critics of this team. The simple reference "bounce back" after an 88 season suggests 2012 wasn't just a year that had some good and some bad. It's a year where the Cowboys simply failed to get to their destination once again. The annual contest of the AFC and NFC best will take place Sunday, Jan. 27, 2013 at Aloha Stadium.

do you think should be headed to Hawaii at season end?

Make your voice heard by casting your vote for your favorite NFL players with the official Pro Bowl voting widget.

Note: None of the Dallas Cowboys Defensive Ends or Special Teamers are listed in the 2013 Pro Bowl ballot. However, 25 players are eligible. Roundup: Cruz Expects to Be Ready for OpenerSports Briefing Pro Football: Redman to Start in Steelers' Backfield

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