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Smith said ended up some viable candidates

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Mularkey went 1418 in two conditions as head coach with Buffalo (200405). He has been Atlanta's offensive planner since 2008, Helping mentor qb Matt Ryan.

That could help him with Jacksonville a team trying to get more out of rookie Blaine Gabbert.

Jets coach Rex Ryan has said he expects the embattled Schottenheimer to be back unless he becomes a head coach someplace else.

Smith said tuesday the Falcons "Have signed off and granted that way, he says Mularkey's "Sole main focus" This week is on Sunday's playoff game at the new york giants.

The Jaguars fired coach Jack Del Rio in November and put general manager Gene Smith in charge of the coaching search.

Asked about the process after the Jaguars' seasonending victory over the gambling, Smith said ended up some viable candidates, But would name any names.

"The next two weeks are vital, penson said. "We'll actually start relaxing with people. You can get consent to talk to folks who are at this point in the playoffs. It depends they were a byeweek or if,evidently, they don't, And also if their season is over,

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