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She doesn't need this added to her plate

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Say it isn't so Brett! These sex stories get all too common, And now a sex scandal has surfaced with the squeaky clean quarterback Brett Favre.

The Vikings qb did not deny Thursday that he left voice mail messages propositioning Jenn Sterger, A TV sports personality in the New York Jets, after he joined the Jets in 2008.

This Favre numerous (Or attempt at it) Has been leaked a few times before only as rumors and wedding, But since the appearance of pictures and voice mails have come up, And add the fact Favre makes his return to New York this week, Makes all of this quite the diversion from unwanted feelings for Favre and the Vikings.

Favre seemed to be rumored to have sent pictures of his best "possessions" when you need to Sterger, And I don't mean old parts of touchdown passes! Sterger said she expected several pictures of Favre nude, and a lot of pictures of Favre's gentiles.

whoa! mister. Wrangler Jeans has an outrageous side!

Since all it has happened, Sterger has left the Jets organizing awhile back and now works at Versus.

The downside to this is Favre is married with children, And I'm sure this won't go over well on the home front. Favre's wife Deanna has already had to battle cancer of the breast in her life, She doesn't need this added to her plate. Is Favre the next steve stricker?

Farve had the opportunity to retire from the NFL a hero and a great player, But no he had to let the world see the true Farve and what he includes. (All 3 size) hahah, ), )

What an excellent way to destroy a great career. Why is it so many football players are simply idiots?

how much of an eff!Ng loser mike geary is. along with all this, He sends pics of his smallish weiner to appeal to the chick? She's probably to busy banging his wide receivers and db's who have 8+" Inches of wienerschnitzel to tend to some midget limp pale dc%.

hahah, ), ), She didn't want everything to do with him, quite possibly because she couldn't face him without laughing after those "photo files,

anyway, There goes any chance for an Extenze endorsement deal.

HLN is calling Brett Favre the next tiger woods. n', Media you might be wrong, Tiger perhaps got the p He didn't beg for it like a lil puppy dog. Famous rich men have hot p$ssy dropped on them, efficiently, That is if you aren't a country bumpkin.

OH no let him and his family get treated the same as tiger woods and his family no basis here. No keep him in the news, Naaaaaaa i am mercyful person his personal life means not even attempt to me. Keep it out of the news now you people must have seen how padraig harrington family felt. I will pray for him impressive family.

Sexual harassment claims are not a private matter or even a a Football Superstar, Company chief executive, Politcian or commonplace guy. In july, Mark Hurd the CEO of HP stepped done due to sexual harassment claims and it was everywhere over the media. HP standard fell, But he previously to go. If you do this in the work place it is trouble, No matter who you think you will be. See what the reality bring.

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