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I've always liked working around manipulated chaos

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PITTSBURGH The bulk of the Atlanta Falcons players jogged onto the Heinz Field playing surface more or less 45 minutes before the start of Saturday night's preseason game with the Steelers.

a few minutes later, A younglooking redheaded man dressed in an open public Falcons black shirt ran toward the visitors' sideline to inspect his area of work for the game and grab some squeeze bottles of Gatorade.

the person, Hollidaysburg ancient Corey Gildea, Was soon walking briskly among the Falcons players to make sure they were hydrated during their warmups, Stopping briefly one time to give the doubtless dynamic receiving duo of Roddy White and rookie Julio Jones quick drinks.

He then jogged back into the locker room with the team about one half hour later to go over lastminute arrangements for the game.

The pregame warmup routine is just a fraction of what Gildea did since he was hired by the Falcons in late July as an athletic trainer.

"easy methods to busy, quite hectic,'' Gildea said earlier soon during a phone interview. "I'm looking at it. It's all good. I've always liked working around manipulated chaos. It's been a lot of late nights and early morning, But I feel well-off to be here.''

Gildea is studying life in the NFL on the fly. The lockout kept the Falcons from hiring their third trainer not very many days before training camp was set to begin.

Gildea, 25 and a 2004 Hollidaysburg Area university graduate, Was fortunate to be a roommate at the college or university of Kentucky with the Falcons' first choice, Jon Boone. When Boone turned the Falcons down due to his commitment to the University of Delaware, He told the Falcons about his friend. Naval Academy and South Dakota State University when the NFL possibilities arose.

"[you see, the Falcons] Gave me a call and mentioned my background, And I sent them my cv,'' Gildea pronounced. "I was actually in New Orleans for a conference and drove up to Atlanta in the center of July for an interview and they hired me.''

After playing football and basketball game at Hollidaysburg, Gildea majored in athletic training and was a defensive back and linebacker at Lock Haven college or university for four years. He then did an internship with the university or college of Colorado football program in 2009.

Gildea, The second of five small to Tim and Lori Gildea, Spent the last two years earning his masters degree at Kentucky while also being the head trainer for the school's swimming and diving team.

Gildea's expertise in the Functional Movement Systems screening tool developed by Gray Cook helped him land the job with the Falcons.

"[dependable Movement Systems] Develops the body by doing movements you learned during a vacation,'' Gildea stated. "As tots, Your action are natural, But as you grow old maybe your shoulder is not as flexible. this can help develop your body back to your normal state and really helps decrease injury.''

Gildea said he first became excited about athletic training when he was in high school playing for coaches John Barton and Mick Pentoney and talking with Hollidaysburg athletic trainer Amy Smearman.

"His senior year he said he liked to get into the field because he think it is interesting,'' suggested Smearman, Now in their 11th year at Hollidaysburg. "We chitchatted onto it, But he did more or less everything on his own. He was a serious kid who set his goals high and has a strong work ethic. I'm excited for him and proud of him.''

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