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Should that be legal if so why not consider doing it with cigarettes

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ever wondered who the people are on the other side of these advertisements, What they are thinking when they write the slogan for a new company or decide to sell an item that no one in their right mind would ever buy. but you are we in our right mind? Well i regarded it plenty. the inspiration of my question is should this be legal and if so when is the line drawn. At one point they made subliminal messaging in advertising illegal but what about behaviorism. What if ever commercial for coke started and ended with a bing sound so that every time you heard the sound bing you thought about coke. From that moment on several times on the day you would hear a bing through the radio and that is it. Should that be legal if so why not consider doing it with cigarettes. I guess im just eager to hear some one elses thoughts about them? bing. also, Sorry i will need to go its time for a coke and a smoke!

The fact that Jordan makes is very worthwhile, But I believe this is already happening in all types of commercials. Just the other day my girlfriend and I were cooking when she took out her iphone and started to play some music. The random mix on the golfer went to the song, Bad with regard to the Bone, And I in a timely manner thought of Brett Favre and the Wrangler commercial he is in. That song plays during the entire entire commercial, So naturally after watching ESPN for a few years of my life I normally think of Wrangler Jean Co. presents hear that song. Companies are starting to make behaviorism in commercials more obvious then we could imagine.

This actually caught my attention because I have a clicker on my keys to get the dog to stop doing things we dont want him to do throughout the house. Unfortunately for me I became the middle of my roommates entertainment with that clicker because it draws my attention more than the dog My point being, Much like the subliminal audio in advertisments that clicker draws my attention and I tend to stop what I doing get distracted and start thinking about food or drinks or whatever it is my roommate wants There may need to be laws put in place eventually if companies continue to advertise the way you are describing especially tobacco companies since children watch so much television

jordans, I found your post quite refreshing and it brought up a lot of motivating questions. you are able to danger with making things illegal I think, But then there is dangers of not leading them to be illegal too. Every time I think that is would be better if we had less freedom of speech because it would protect our little ones (as an example) All I can think of is a large ominous poster staring down at me with the words brother is watching YOU And i immediately turn away from the very thought of more regulation. Because which side it stop? First, No bing at the ends of advertisements then no advertising then no tv I know I am going a bit far, But only to Charles Godfrey Authentic Jersey emphasise my point. conversely, If we don regulate things we is going to have masses of humans walking Charles Godfrey Black Jersey as drones to by coke when a bing is sounded. So what we could choose? I do not pretend to get the answers. genuinely, on many occasions I am too skilled at seeing both sides of the coin that I simple shrug and shrink away from questions like these saying don know Not only do I not know, But i am sure that the people behind commercials are smart enough to employ the techniques of governing the masses offered up by psychological research (which may be scary). As an aside and to conclude this comment, I think ought to read the book mysterious Benedict society is brings up these exact issues.

this idea is very thoughtprovoking. I too have thought about residuals of certain advertisements. I think that while people use it to try and sell a product they don't understand how crippling it can be. One example that i can think of is the idea of plastic surgery in america. It is quite normal for women in this country to want a procedure to fix something about their body. American classified ads have now made the women of other countries to desire plastic surgeries.

My comment properly simply this, although you associate bing sounds with coke, which doesn't maek you like coke. alternatively, need to make sure already like coke, Then there is a good probability that it will have an impact of making you want to buy coke. This however would most likely be caught and outrage thosands of individuals who woudl then feel manipulated and would boycot coke and the company woudl loose sums of money. That is an inherent safeguard against such a thing, But I believe it should be fair game if they care to try. No guts no magnificence, But those with too much guts often end up with some on to the ground.

This idea made me think of the coors light commercials you see on TV. Every commercial for coors light that I can think of in recent memory features several people outside in a hot platform, And then all of the sudden you hear this song in the distance. your song builds, And then out of nowhere this silver train just bursts onto the scene and everybody is now cooled off and refreshed, Charles Godfrey Elite Jersey And also has a coors light within hands. The song they play in these commercials is The O Love Train. I think what you saying here is kind of similar to the thought that hearing Love Train on the radio will make you instantly go grab a cold coors light and drink up. I think all the would do is make you think of the commercial. This might intuitively influence your desire to drink a coke, But it is hardly sure. The fact is the coke commercials aren reinforced with you drinking a coke, So it isn classical softening. All the does is make you think that of coke, If your depths of the mind decides to take the next step then that is solely up to you.

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