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2011 Stellenbosch

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2011 Stellenbosch

I like the slightly tropical fruit salad nose to this wine with an undercurrent of spicy peppery notes. The palate is indeed like licking an empty fruit salad box, in a good way of course. The peach and melon flavours sit alongside each other very well. It's a lovely wine from a very reliable South African producer. I'm rarely without one of their John X Merriman Cab Sauvs in the house and their Rousanne is also very good indeed.

The best thing about this wine is that until July 16th it's reduced to 7.99 in selected CoOp stores which in my view makes it a bona fide bargain. I don't actually know which stores these are of course so you'll have to do some of the leg work for yourselves. I'd suggest you start with the bigger ones.

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Although a variety of them also provide bodily store to check the true size or even appearance in the fixtures.

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