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ORA-600 [kjbrchkpkeywait:timeout]

原创 Linux操作系统 作者:zwunixdb 时间:2013-10-30 00:24:36 0 删除 编辑
一大早接到报障,后台发现出现很多ORA-600 [kjbrchkpkeywait:timeout] 错误,该错误由insert插入分区表的sql引起。MOS上很多关于该类错误属于BUG的解析。
Note: For additional ORA-600 related information please read Note:146580.1

  This article represents a partially published OERI note.

  It has been published because the ORA-600 error has been 
  reported in at least one confirmed bug.

  Therefore, the SUGGESTIONS section of this article may help
  in terms of identifying the cause of the error.

  This specific ORA-600 error may be considered for full publication
  at a later date. If/when fully published, additional information 
  will be available here on the nature of this error.


  Format: ORA-600 [kjbrchkpkeywait:timeout] [a] [b] [c] [d] [e]

The list below is restricted to show only bugs believed to affect version
Other bugs may affect this version but have not been confirmed as being relevant yet.

There are 3 bugs listed.
1440918311.,,, [kjblpkeydrmqscchk:pkey] or similar / session hangs on "gc buffer busy acquire"
1418283511.2.0.3.BP14,, fails with ORA-600 [kjbrchkpkeywait:timeout]
1404341711.2.0.3.BP13,, [kjbrchkpkeywait:timeout] in RAC - superseded
  • '*' indicates that an alert exists for that issue.
  • '+' indicates a particularly notable issue / bug.
  • 'I' indicates an install issue / bug included for completeness.
  • 'P' indicates a port specific bug.
  • "OERI:xxxx" may be used as shorthand for ORA-600 [xxxx].
SUGGESTIONS: If the Known Issues section below does not help in terms of identifying a solution, please submit the trace files and alert.log to Oracle Support Services for further analysis. Known Issues:

Known Bugs
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