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Oak Grove qb James McMahon lived a dream during the summer

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By jake Elliott emailHATTIESBURG, microsof company (WLOX) the summer of 2009 will be remembered by football fans as the saga of Brett Favre. Would he retire or would he sign with the mn Vikings?during the period of indecision, Favre worked out with the Oak Grove graduating high school football team near his Hattiesburg home,He came in on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and ran with the kids and threw passes to the squad, Oak Grove Coach Neville Barr valued.Eventually Favre signed considering the Vikings, And now he and his team mates are preparing to play in Sunday NFC Championship Game against the new orleans saints. Coach Barr said he knew Brett would change lives in Cam Newton Authentic Jersey Minnesota,He brings leadership. which were big for the Vikings,Oak Grove qb James McMahon lived a dream during the summer. Brett Favre, One of the greatest players in the history of the NFL, Taught James a thing or two,We tried to not look at him as a superstar, McMahon alleged. "but, seeking back, It something I always remember,Here where it gets difficult. Oak Grove High School is Cam Newton Elite Jersey during Saints Cam Newton Black Jersey Country. But by way of the special relationship between the football team and Brett Favre, they and its coach will be cheering for the Vikings on Sunday.

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