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Didn sense that I had to prove anything

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Hakeem Nicks doesn mind all the eye fellow Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz has attracted during his breakout season. In Nicks advice, Cruz deserves it. contrary, Having a player of Cruz caliber demanding more respect from defenses just gives the other receivers more space to advance and create plays.

After watching Cruz torch the Jets' and Dallas Cowboys' defenses with long touchdowns each of the last two weeks of the normal season, It was apparent Jonathan Stewart Black Jersey from the outset of today NFC wildcard game that the Atlanta Falcons were going to take Cruz out of the game and force another to beat them.

And in the first career playoff game for each member of the Giants' benefiting from corps, Nicks and Mario Manningham did exactly that, Showing the Falcons and everyone else that the Giants have other weapons externally besides Cruz. Each came down with touchdowns as the Falcons keyed on Cruz, Who carried out with two catches for 28 yards, In the Giants 242 victory.

Nicks caught six passes for 115 yards and two touchdowns and in Cruz fashion added a landing dance to boot.

Didn sense that I had to prove anything, I just felt like I had jam my game, Said lacerations, who was simply hampered by a hamstring injury recently. Know what I am rrn a position to. Victor Cruz is a great addition to our offense and he makes plays when he is called on and the same with all the other guys. We make games. First landing was a slant route off playaction that capped off a 13play, 85yard hard disc. But it was his second touchdown a 72yard catch and sprint that served once again of the type of receiver Nicks can be.

a Falcons, being placed in zone coverage, Allowed Nicks to roam free over the center when Manning found him wide open.


It appeared as though the Falcons had him bottled up for a 13yard gain when he burst past a linebacker, Eluded three shielding Jonathan Stewart Elite Jersey backs and broke away for the score, giving them the Giants a 172 lead.

He added the Bird dancing, Which the Falcons prominent when they made a Super Bowl run in 1998, to absolve it off.

Rolle Jonathan Stewart Authentic Jersey told me to accomplish it, Nicks said of the touchdown celebration.

Manningham, Who has battled a knee injury that forced him to miss three of the Giants final six games of the totally normal season, Had four receptions for 68 feets, Including a 27yard touchdown behind the end zone.

On another catch, He showed concentration and awareness by keeping his feet inbounds as his momentum took his upper body out of bounds.

Have good devices, general manager Jerry Reese said. Done an amazing job, But Mario is the guy who stood out to me. We know Hakeem will make plays, But Mario has been who are afflicted by a knee injury most of the season and they kind of forgot about him and glad to see him make a couple big plays for us out there. That all three receivers are healthy going against Green Bay Manningham missed the teams first meeting this season the Giants comparable to their chances.

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