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1999 Michigan Wolverines football team

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The 1999 Michigan Wolverines football team represented the University of Michigan in the 1999 NCAA Division IA football season. The team's head coach was Lloyd Carr. The Wolverines played their home games at Michigan Stadium. That year Michigan Wolverines football competed in the Big Ten Conference in almost all intercollegiate sports including men's college football. The 1999 Wolverines finished the season with a 102 record (62 in the Big Ten) and defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide in the 2000 Orange Bowl. The team was ranked 5 in both the final coaches and AP polls. The team was led by AllAmerican and Academic AllAmerican Rob Renes and his cocaptains Tom Brady and Steve Hutchinson.

Running Back Anthony Tyvon Branch Black Jersey Thomas was selected by the Chicago Bears in the 2001 NFL Draft.

Quarterback Drew Henson played professional baseball for the New York Yankees[5] and played professional football for the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions. Henson was selected by the Cowboys in the 2003 NFL Draft.[6]

Cocaptains: Tom Brady, Steve Hutchinson, Rob Renes

AllAmericans: Rob Renes

Academic AllAmerican: Renes (first team)[7]

AllConference: Steve Hutchinson, David Terrell, Rob Renes, Ian Gold, Tommy Hendricks, Jeff Backus

Most Valuable Player: Tom Brady

Meyer Morton Award: Grady Brooks

John Maulbetsch Award: Drew Henson

Frederick Matthei Award: Anthony Thomas

Arthur Robinson Scholarship Award: Dhani Jones

Dick Katcher Award: Rob Renes

Hugh Rader Jr. Award: Jeff Backus

Robert P. Ufer Award: Marcus Knight

Roger Zatkoff Award: Ian Gold

Head coach: Lloyd Carr

Assistant coaches: Teryl Austin, Erik Campbell, Mike DeBord, Jim Herrmann, Brady Hoke, Fred Jackson, Terry Malone, Bobby Tyvon Branch Elite Jersey Morrison, Stan Parrish

Trainer: Paul Schmidt

Managers: Brian Buckler, Greg Deutch, Dave Eklund, Bill Hausman, Craig Hisey, Lisa Kuzma, Chris Lemaster, Paul Levi, Sean Merrill, Taylor Morgan, David Peabody, Craig Podolski, Brian Retusek, Victor Soto, Ryan Staton

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