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Quarterback search leads to San Diego

With Hamilton traveling to the West Coast, you would have to imagine chances are good he made it a twoday stay for the pro day of San Diego State's Kevin O'Connell on Saturday. No word yet whether or not the Bears were present for the Aztecs workout also, but it would stand to reason as they are believed to like O'Connell more than Johnson. O'Connell has prototypical size at 65, 225 pounds, and is also athletic. He led San Diego State in passing and rushing last season.

O'Connell will need to prove he's more of a passer than just an athlete to raise his stock for the draft. The San Diego UnionTribune reports he has individual workouts with a handful of teams upcoming.

With the Bears in need of offensive linemen, a receiver, a running back and defensive tackle, the best bet right now is that quarterback becomes a secondday pick.

Both Johnson and O'Connel are a few years away and the current regime does not have time to develope another QB. I'm hopeing Orton will get his shot to be the man next season. I was impressed with Orton at the end of last season. Orton led the Bears on their only two game winning streak and was impressive doing so. I liked the 2 touchdown strikes Orton threw in the Saints game, and how Orton handled himself during the Green Bay game in the extreme Israel Idonije Authentic Jersey cold. If the Bears get the oline squared away, get a running game going, and with time, Orton should be good to go so GO BEARS!!

A second day project at QB is not what the Bears needs. Are we going to waste Urlachers entier career with an inept offense? But of course Jerry Angelo's track record of first round offensive players speaks for itself, so I am sure he wants to avoid the pressure of another first round whiff by bargain hunting on the second day. Then any player who simply makes the roster can be touted as a draftday success. Think Mark Anderson the Bears were do proud of their "find" that they started him over Alex Brown, and in the process ruined both their seasons. The fact is neither Orton nor Grossman is the answer. And quality free agent QBs are rare. The Bears need to be receptive to the idea of picking Flacco or Henne if they are still on the board in the second round. Face it: the Bears offense is so bad that they are now a year (if they have a perfect draft) or two (getting warmer) or three (that's the ticket) away from contending. So better to try to get your QB of the future now and start grooming him for 2009 or 2010. The first round pick needs to be Mendenhall or Stewart. There is no way the Bears can salvage their crummy offense in one draft. Besides, competent receivers and solid interior linemen can be found in later rounds and in free agency. It took Angelo years to create this offensive mess. He is not going to fix it one magical draft. So better to stop kidding himself (and us) and start looking for a genuine NFL backfield.

You are the best. Whether I agree with you or not, you always post an interesting comment and have a unique perspective. I come away thinking you are either a complete madman, or you are a very knowledgeable fan who is way too blunt and occasionally misses the point. Just keep commenting and I'll keep responding. By the way, we'd better pick QB with our 2nd 3rd round pick or our 4th at the latest or we're showing way too much support for the current regime. Personaly, I'd take Henne in the 3rd (2nd 3rd) if he's there. "Dave" said Josh Johnson had bad feet and would pass on him.

Creditabilty Glover Quin Authentic Jersey Creighton you have NONE.

One that never shuts up has to have the last word in and never makes sence.

Yes Dave I am more than a little nuts. But how could I not be, I am a Cub, Bulls, Bears, Blackhawk fan. You want crazy when I was a kid I had a Blitz helmet. The Blitz. Look at my teams, do you realize what I have been through. I am a sports fan in a town where the owners hate there own teams. No for real though most of what I right is a little bit of the Devils Advocate in me. I like to stir the pot and get people thinking or talking. Any Blog I am on usually gets a good debate going. If I am wrong I usually learn something and if I am right, well lets face it I am always right even when I am wrong. Right???? I think I pushed Brando over the edge a little. But for real if I have to here one more remark aboout Tom Waddle getting knocked out, I am gonna loose it. As for taking a QB, if where at 14 he may take one there, Brohm, I doubt they will draft Flacco he is too hot a propect the Only chance will be in the Second round but the Hawks and Pac would not mind having him, or Brohm, Fins might grab him in the second. Not really a good QB class this year. We know who is starting this year anyway, if the Bears bomb which I think they will, we will have a higher draft pick next year. If we get a good OT and RB in this draft we will have a nice set up for any young QB we bring in that year. But this year I think it's better to focus on what the draft can give you. OT, RB, WR, DL, all are needs and all have strong deep classes this year.

This is plan b at the qb position as far as the draft goes. If Flacco goes off the board early, then the other teams will gobble up Henne and possibly Woodson, who has more mechanical problems than a Swiss car. We would be better served to wait it out and take a chance on Erik Ainge, O'Connell, or an athletic QB like Johnson or Dixon. Call it due diligence, but some scouts said after the Hula Bowl that O'Connell will take some time, but has all the arm strength and accuracy to be a productive QB at the pro level. Given the success of non 1st round QBs in the NFL (Hasselbeck, Brady, Derek Anderson, Trent Edwards, Drew Brees, a little known guy named Brett Favre, Kurt Warner, David Garrard, Marc Bulger, Jake Delhomme, to name a few), maybe a project with all the right skills is just the thing we need. Whether or not Pep Hamilton can develop him is another story. Given our offensive line needs, it doesn't matter who is back there, they will get the snot knocked out of them, so why not let Orton and Grossman take their shot, and put a guy like O'Connell on the roster to hold the clipboard while we rebuild the oline and running game? I would rather see Flacco, but sometimes the best laid plans go awry, and other teams want him more than we do.

The fact is, we need two guards, a left tackle, RB a real FB. If you look at the pressure on our QB's, they mostly come through Garza. They run right past him! We can never run on his side, EVER! I also think last years relaxed, sissified (NO Hitting) training camp, had a lot to do with last years failure. Even, Ditka commented on the 85' Bears' hard camp vs the 07' wimpy camp. They thought the rest of the league would just lay down for them. If they fail this year , we need a new set of (tough) coaches a GM. As for the QB situation, I'd really like to see the bears wait on a QB trade next years entire draft for Tim Tebow! Without Payton Manning the Colts are nothing! A legitimate QB would be worth half of our team! If we get one of this years chumps, we won't even think about Tebow.

I am available for a job Jerry if you need me! Trust me on this one! This type of draft blueprint will ensure that the Bears have a future of winning and not the mediocrity that we have become accustom to. How can we even think about relying on Benson. He looks like he smokes way too much pot! He is injury prone and RB's with broken legs arent exactly great investments. Benson should maybe even play fullback for the Bears, but we all know he isnt that type of team player. OT's are deep in this draft. We could probably get a starter in the 3rd round. WE NEED A GAMEBREAKER! WE NEED MENDENHALL!

Why do I keep reading the Bears need a defensive tackle? Sure, last year they were in dire straits, with Harris hobbling and Dvoracek lost again for the year, but they're both healthy now (true Dvoracek hasn't been on the field much, but when he's been there, he's been very effective). Plus, there's Toeaina, Garay and Adams for depth. Just because there were a rash of injuries at tackle last year doesn't mean this will be the case again (you never know where the injury bug is going to bite). Is this just predraft propaganda? I see the defensive line positions as having the greatest depth on the team! (although tight end and linebacker are pretty solid as well). I don't think there's any way to disguise the Bears needs in this year's draft: a replacement for Thomas Jones and lots of help for the offensive line. After that, receiver, quarterback and defensive back are all higher on the list of needs than DT!

Did anyone see the EastWest Shrine game? Josh Johnson was fantastic. His receivers dropped 3 or 4 easy catches, otherwise his numbers may have been even more impressive. when he gets a hole, he just starts to run faster than the defenders.

BTW, this past season he had 43 TDs and only 1 INT. Inferior competetion? Yes. But he was coached by Jim Harbaugh at San Diego, and may not take as long to develop as some of the comments above state. Poor footwork? That's just silly . . . 43 TDS with only 1 INT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This guy would INSTANTLY imrpove our Red Zone offense.

Times before when the Bears drafted players like David Terrel12, Micheal Haynes14,and Cedric Benson4 in the first round most had thought there were the a quality pick in the draft.

All the mock draft by the fans could work but maybe not.

To save yourself from wanting to punch the TV in late April, Let time take its course and wait to see if the player that they do draft is worthy.

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