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Former Pro Bowl fix Clabo signs with Miami

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finland (AP) By deciding on 330pound tackle Tyson Clabo, The Miami Dolphins filled the actual hole in their lineup.

Clabo signed Sunday Jon Beason Authentic Jersey and is expected to play right tackle, With Jonathan Martin moving from to left tackle, Where he'll replace the deceased Jake Long.

The 6foot6 Clabo spent the past seven seasons with the Atlanta Falcons and was a 2010 Pro Bowl mixture. He has 101 career gets going, Including all the games the past five years, But was released by the Falcons this spring.

"It was very sudden when I premiered. unpredicted, he said. "I'm a pretty tough critic on myself and I don't feel like on the internet much drop in my play to date. So I am Jon Beason Black Jersey just going to continue to keep up my body and try to continue to play at a high level,

The Falcons reached the NFC shining game in Jon Beason Elite Jersey January, And Clabo wanted to find another efficient situation. He said among teams purchasing a tackle, The Dolphins were his best option, In part because of their offseason moves and the return of quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

"The draft looked like it went very well, Clabo referred to. "that knows, But it seems like there is some talent the young QB with a lot of upside and I just felt like we could make some noise,

extensive, tips overall pick in the 2008 draft, Left via free agency typically St. Louis Rams. The signing of Clabo means the whales can switch Martin back to left tackle, the position he played at Stanford protecting quarterback Andrew Luck's blind side.

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