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49ers trade Haralson to Saints for conditional seventh round pick

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49ers trade Haralson to Saints for conditional seventh round pick

SANTA CLARA The 49ers just traded outside linebacker Parys Haralson. The San Jose Mercury News tweets the 49ers traded him to the Saints. Haralson just walked through the 49ers locker room, said goodbye to his teammates and declined all interviews.

Here a tweet from ESPN Adam Kaplan: know what the 49ers got in return for Haralson, but talk in league circles is he would have been released by 53man roster deadline if not traded. 49ers will receive a seventh round pick from the Saints if Haralson makes New Orleans final roster, according to Matt Barrows.

The Saints are the most desperate team in football when it comes to pass rushers, and this move just confirms it. The 49ers were going to cut Haralson. 29 years old, Haralson didn play a down last season due to a triceps tear, and hasn registered more than five sacks in any campaign since 2008. He a long shot to help New Orleans. Meanwhile, the 49ers are loaded with pass rushers. They have Cam Johnson and rookie Corey Lemonier coming off highly impressive preseasons behind Aldon Smith and Ahmad Brooks.

TB should be arrested if he gets their 2 next year But maybe the pick rolls to 2015. I be totally happy with a 3.

And as far as the FO losing it last draft is looking like one for the ages with Reid looking like the real deal, Tank may not play this year along with Lattimore but those guys minus injuries are solid 1 talent. Then you have V Mac that is looking like a steal and Patton who if his debut is any indication is going to be a solid pro.

Plus with all that new talent we still have a boatload of picks next year. It will be harder and harder to even find a place on the team with the way TB JH are building the next Niners dynasty.

Teams know the 49ers have a packed roster and might release him (or another talented player) anyway

Teams know Baalke is obsessed with making cap room for AldonKaepIupati

Reasons the 49ers could get a pretty decent pick for Haralson

Haralson legs are rested and ready after a year off. He is at his peak, playing great football this preseason.

It Baalke. Fans were talking about being happy settling for a 3rd or 4th rounder for Alex Smith. Baalke for a top 2nd and another 2014 2nd or 3rd.

Haralson is a solid first down OLB, and not a bad pass rusher either. can be the only team interested in Haralson.

The 49ers play the Saints in November. That incentive for Baalke to insist on pretty good compensation before he makes Donald Butler Black Jersey any deals.

7th rounder for Haralson are you kidding. The conditional is meaningless because he will play and play well for them.

I don see anything to like about this trade. That one will turn out to be a gift to NO.

Could they not have shopped more. Other wise what was the point. He is a free agent next year not now. Lemonier and Johnson weren looking that good. Unlike those two who played against 2nd teamers Parys played against KCs first team and reeked havoc.

Just when I like what they are doing they do this. leaving me in a quandry.

Haralson is no longer Corey Liuget Elite Jersey a 3 down 34 OLB.

There is no proof in that Jack. Haralson wasn a starter for those years due to a more prolific OLB taking his spot which happens at any position. He could easily be a starter on at least of the NFL rosters.

The team hurt his value by not trading him before the draft because many probably knew that adding Skuta meant that Haralson days were numbered here, so why trade for him when they could easily snag him after his impending release? This was a very poorly timed trade.

Look closer Crab. I said that Haralson is worth at least a fourth round pick (which I believe that they would have received if he was traded before the draft) but they were lucky to get a seventh round pick trading him this late in the preseason when it was common knowledge around the league that a quality OLB like him was going to be released anyways in a cap relief effort. In other words, the team hurt his value by trading him this late.

And don ever compare me to Obama. That loser has cost my friends their jobs and some their benefits.

Right. Aldon Smith as a rookie was better than the veteran Haralson who was slated to be a backup last year before getting hurt. So in reality in 2012 Haralson would have been a no down OLB in SF, and again this year.

Your take that they possibly could have received more before the draft doesn hold water either. Haralson spent all of last season on the IR. No team is going to trade a draft pick for a guy who just missed an entire season due to injury and was going to be a backup.

I am often critical of Baalke, but this was a good move. Even with this trade, the 49ers have better depth at the OLB spot than they did a year ago, and now they have added a 7th round pick in the draft

On the surface the 7th round pick seems like chump change, but if you look back at last years draft you will notice that in the mid rounds when teams wanted to trade up it often took their pick in that round plus a 7th rounder. Case in point, the 49ers used their 3rd and a 7th to move up to draft Lemonier.

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