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2007 May Trivial Opinions

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2007 May Trivial Opinions

Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, and Puss are back, unfortunately they aren better than ever. When the original Shrek came out the creators had a unique idea and a brilliant movie was made. The second Shrek movie wasn as good as the first but what sequel is better than the first? The third movie in trilogies is usually better than the second and almost as good as the first. Not so for the Shrek trilogy. It seemed as if they knew people were going to see it because they liked the first 2, so they Nick Novak Black Jersey thought they didn have to try very hard or make it very funny. Don get me wrong, there were still plenty of funny parts in the movie, and maybe I had my expectations set too high, but the movie didn hit on all cylinders and you could tell.

The storyline for this latest installment of everyone favorite ogre went along with the comedy. While the plot had some good messages in it, it seemed forced and hastily thrown together, unlike the first two movies where the plot had good messages and flowed well too.

Not only was Shrek the Third not as funny or as well written as the first two, but the soundtrack wasn very well thought out. I don remember a lot about the songs in the second movie so I can really say anything about them, but in the first Shrek I remember the songs actually enhancing the movie and helping to tell the story. In this third one I kept finding myself wondering does this have to do with what going on in the movie? Shrek the Third was still an entertaining movie and I will still buy it when it comes out on DVD (full disclosureI hate having unfinished sets of movies, so that will influence the decision to buy this one because I own the other 2) but it wasn nearly as good as the first two. I weighed in at 182.6 pounds, which is almost a full pound more than I did yesterday, but I don mind because my waist stayed the same at 36.0 inches. BTW, I was kidding about vegetables weighing a lot. Tomorrow morning will be the big test, because I went back to eating actual food for the entire day today.

I had 8 ounces of OJ for breakfast before I left this morning. Once I got to work I had a HyVee applecinnamon breakfast bar. For lunch I finished the soup my wife made last night. Throughout the day I had about 40 ounces of OJ and a little bit of water. Not too much food when you really look at it. For dinner I really went back to normal. Almost. I had chicken, black olives, tomatoes, and plain yogurt wrapped in a tortilla shell, with corn on the side. My wife has made this before so it really isn unusual. The reason why it is almost normal and not completely normal is that when we had this meal before we used all the chicken between the two wraps and also ate all of the corn. Tonight, we limited the amount of chicken in the wrap and had enough left over for a whole other one that I am going to have for lunch tomorrow. We also have more than enough corn for both of us to have some for lunch tomorrow.

I think that is the key to making a fast work. By fasting your stomach shrinks so you should have no problem limiting the amount of food you eat. I finished eating about an hour ago and Melvin Ingram Elite Jersey I am still full. That never would have happened before the fast, even with me eating more chicken and corn with the meal. The big trick is to get your mind and stomach used to eating smaller portions.

There are a few things that you can easily do to limit the amount that you eat. If a recipe says it makes enough for four servings, divide it into four servings before you start eating and only eat one of them. If you don know how many servings are supposed to be made with a recipe, measure. Actually take a measuring cup out and take 4 ounces of this and 1 tablespoon of that. Most people would be surprised at how small most recommended servings actually are. Once you have your smaller servings, trick yourself into thinking it is more by using a smaller plate. Your mind is conditioned to fill up a plate with food. The bigger the plate, the more food you put on it, the more you are going to eat. One last tip, if you are going out to eat, unless you go to some really fancy French restaurant where the portions are extremely small anyway, ask for a box to be brought out with your food. Before you start eating, put at least half of the food in the box for leftovers. Most restaurants give you way too much food and eating even half of it will probably be too much. At least this way you won be tempted to eat the other half because you have already got it in your mind (and the box) to save it for later.

I done preaching now, but seriously, getting into correct eating habits doesn have to require a drastic change in your life. On top of the few tips I gave above there are thousands of websites out there dealing with eating right and they are just waiting for you to read them. The only things required are a little bit of your time and a little bit of dedication. Overall I dropped 13.2 pounds and 2.5 inches in 184 hours.

No more salt water or cayenne pepper for me! This morning I had an 8 ounce glass of orange juice for breakfast and it tasted kinda nasty. I wish I had remembered what orange juice tasted like after you brush your teeth before I took my first swallow. Once the toothpaste taste went away the orange juice tasted fine. I filled a 24 ounce bottle with OJ and took it to work for lunch, per the instructions here. It wasn enough to satisfy me so I also bought another 12 ounce bottle while at work. All of the orange juice I had today was diluted slightly with water so the mixture was about 3/4 OJ and 1/4 water.

This evening I had a 16 ounce glass of undiluted OJ with a bowl (don know how many ounces) of chicken broth mixed with cut up baby carrots, sliced celery, and diced onions. I went a little faster than the website recommends, but that is because I thought my stomach could handle it, and so far I was right. Tomorrow I am planning on having the rest of the soup for lunch and my wife is making a regular dinner. Hopefully my stomach will be up to the task, so Wednesday I can carbload for the volleyball game on Thursday.

If you do try the fast I don necessarily recommend breaking it at the pace I am. I have a pretty strong stomach and can also put up with more discomfort than most people, so if I do start feeling any abdominal cramping, etc I will be able to deal with it better than most. However, each person knows their body best and if you think you can handle more than OJ the first day, who am I to tell you not to go for it?

I am going to measure myself tomorrow to see what affects eating the first day after the fast had on me, and will continue measuring for a couple of days, to see how quickly I start gaining some of the weight and inches back. A full 7 days. I am continuing the fast through tonight and will start the process of getting my body back on the track to eating normal foods tomorrow morning. My weight only dropped 0.2 pounds since yesterday (I weighed in at 184.8), but my waist dropped almost another 1/4 inch (down to 36.5 inches).

The salt water still didn taste good, but it still did its job. I wonder if it works so well as a diarhetic because I don have any food in my system or if it would work as well when you were constipated and you weren fasting? Hopefully I never run into a time like that, but if I do, I will try to remember to try that, especially since I have so much of the salt left.

Still no headaches or abdominal discomfort. The more places I read about this fast the more I think the headaches were from detoxing from caffeine, because I drink tea almost everyday. I also convinced that the abdominal discomfort was the toxins breaking up and moving through my digestive tract.

Surprisingly my cravings for any type of food have actually gone down since yesterday. My wife asked me if I had a craving for cheesecake (one of my alltime favorite deserts) and it actually sounded disgusting. I still have small cravings for high protein foods, but like I said they are less than yesterday and I think they might actually almost go away if I were to continue the fast the full 10 days or beyond. That seems to be the only drawback to cutting the fast short, and if it is, I can live with it.

My wife and I went on another bike ride today, with my buddy Skid, his girlfriend and her dog. We rode over 10 miles today and I wasn nearly as tired as I was yesterday because we didn go at as fast of a pace and we took a lot more frequent stops. I am still very worn out from it, which just serves as yet another confirmation that my energy level would not be sufficient to play well in my volleyball game on Thursday if I didn cut the fast short today.

No more for tonight. Tomorrow I start weening myself back on regular foods. I will probably follow something similar to what it mentions at the bottom of this website, but I think I will speed it up a little bit and have some chicken broth for dinner tomorrow night, instead of day 2. I will try to mention everything I eat and what I feel throughout the day for the next 3 or 4 days so you will know what it feels like going off the fast the way I will be doing it.

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