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punish and degrade' Louis Delmas Authentic Jersey in Ryan Broyles Authentic Jersey Syria

there making it very clear that they have no doubt and previewing the, we're at the pentagon now where you served as chief of staff. they are going over the daytoday, they'll go after air fields, they'll go after not chemical stockpiles, that's too risky. but trying to degrade the delivery system so that excuse me, different war. one of the reasons why we're see careful about this is all the mistakes that everyone made last time, the media included. they are being very, very sure that they have the right, that they pick their targets. let's talk military options. the operation that the president will likely be considering that he'll likely have on his desk are to do three important things deter, punish, and degrade. to deterfrom using these weapons again. to punish him for breaking that international norm and usingagainst his own people. and to degrade his ability to do this again. as you mentioned, the targets that they'll be looking at will be anything thatholds dear. what does it mean it deter someone? it mean to hold at risk something that.

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