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Projected 53 man roster

It Game Day (Dolphins vs.

So here my projected 53 man roster heading into Saturday final cuts. Tonight game could make a difference but you can feast on these current projections as you get ready for some Dolphins preseason football.

Quarterback Pat Devlin was one of the toughest calls. If Ryan Tannehill and Matt Moore go down, Coach Joe Philbin might feel more comfortable going with a veteran free agent rather than starting Devlin. Then again, if Tannehill and Moore go down the season is lost anyway. Cutting Devlin could mean he signs with the quarterbackstarved Jets or Bills, so maybe in this paranoid game of football Philbin wouldn want to risk Devlin going to a division rival. I kept Devlin on the roster, but he could easily be gone by Saturday. If Devlin is cut, my last guy in would be safety Kelcie McCray.

Initially I had Austin Spitler on the roster and not Josh Kaddu. But Kaddu comes at a much more affordable price tag. Spitler is a quality special teams player, but do the Dolphins want to pay him $1.32 million when the team is loaded with linebackers? Maybe they keep both, but I don see it I already have David Akers Black Jersey them keeping seven linebackers including Jelani Jenkins and Jonathan Freeny. And Dion Jordan could play some linebacker as well.

I kept Evan Rodriguez on the roster because even if the Dolphins rarely utilize a fullback, you think they want to have one. And Rodriguez is that versatile HBacktype that Philbin likes.

Speaking of linebackers, check out today stories on the linebacker roster battle and Jordan increased workload.

I went Marvin McNutt and Chad Bumphis as the last two receivers although I could definitely see Rishard Matthews making it, while Brian Tyms has a shot too. After a hot start, McNutt slowed down in the middle of training camp/preseason but has Nick Fairley Elite Jersey picked it up again. He has good size but has had trouble holding on to the ball. It looks like he improving there. Bumphis would give the Dolphins help in the slot. With Dustin Keller gone, Bumphis could be another weapon down the middle. Stanford, Julian Posey, De Presley

Projection: Grimes, Patterson, Carroll, Taylor, Davis, Stanford, Jones, Clemons, Wilson

Locks: Brandon Fields, Caleb Sturgis, Marcus Thigpen, John Denney

1. Devlin: was bad against Bucs even when he had time. Too much check down or quick throws that were batted down. He smart and fairly mobile but is Tannehill without the arm best. Not a real prospect. HOWEVER, I agree Philbin won risk Bills or Jets picking his brain. Clearly, knows the offense comprehensively. Makes 53. Should be PS or cut.

2. Spitler: Tough call. Tough guy. Consistent. Smart. Great STs. But, not a great backup and less upside than Kaddu. Not much differentiating him from Freeney other than $. Trusnick clearly makes it, Freeny too. So, they choose Jenkins and Kaddu. Spitler gets cut. And, is immediately signed by Pats to becomel ProBowler on STs.

3. Close, but I going with Matthews and McNutt. Bumphis to PS. RM is better on coverage. Knows offense better. McNutt has already made it, imo. Big target, gets open. right now, Bumphis is a poor man Bess. Who they gave away. Not great on coverage teams. Slower and smaller than RM.

4. Evan Rodriguez: Easy. Excellent on STs. Fast, athletic. Can catch. Tweener with exterme maturity, off field issues that hopefully they hope he overcome. HUGE improvement over Lane.

5. AJ Francis: is the only one I think they truly debate. Because may get snatched off PS. Reasonable upside. Flashed in games. Smart kid. But, at the expense of who on 53? Clearly, all your other DLs make it. So, it between Stanford, one of the last LBs and Devlin, I guess. Francis is 54. Even if Yeatmen is cut, his spot is filled with waiver wire pickup.

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