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Edwards took on some guy named Mike bush

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Edwards's last Luke Kuechly Elite Jersey fight indicates he has a devastating right phantom hook, modernize, Ray Edwards basically fought some guy from the audience after his opponent noshowed

shielding lineman Ray Edwards had a decent run with the Vikings, But was allowed to leave the team and sign a $30 million contract with the Falcons Luke Kuechly Black Jersey following 2010 season.

of a job, Edwards, 28, Returned to Minnesota and to a hobby he'd first dabbled in within 2011 NFL lockout the sweet science of boxing. But your competition he's gone up against during his last two bouts make Glass Joe look like the second coming of Mike Tyson.

Last end of, Edwards took on some guy named Mike bush (Coincidentally, That's also the name of the Atlanta Falcons head coach who cut him in November) In western world Fargo, north Dakota. Edwards 'knocked out' his beerbellied opponent with a 'punch' who would make WWE wrestlers blush. Here's the video:

Two weeks former, Edwards 'TKOed' a dreadfully overweight 'boxer' named Corey Briggs during a 'fight' at Grand Casino, Hinckley. Here's video of the particular entire Luke Kuechly Authentic Jersey 'contest':

it's worth noting that Edwards's trainer has gone on the record and favorably compared the former NFL player's pugilistic abilities to a young Muhammad Ali. With all of this looked at, We can't be sure whether Edwards is really trying to establish himself as specialized boxer or as some sort of performance artist/unintentional comedy act.Щ

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