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49ers confident they will trade Alex Smith

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ESPN reports a Smith trade is not complete, and the 49ers are still talking with more than one team, but the Niners are confident they will be able to trade Smith when the new league year starts on March 12th. Either way, it looks like Alex Smith will not be a 49er next season.

ESPN reports the Chiefs and the Cardinals are the two teams most interested in Smith.

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Smokescreen season is in full force. One week we get a report from Mortenson that the trade market for Smith is soft and a week later a report is leaked that a deal is all but done. You can trust anything you hear at this time of the offseason. All we can do is take a look at it from another teams vantage point to see if Smith is worth trading for.

There are a number of teams that could use him but only a small number in position to actually bring him in due to Salary cap or overall team competitiveness. I personally narrowed down the possibilities to 3:

KC, Arizona and Cleveland. Three teams where Smith would be the unquestioned starter and a step up in quality along with enough parts around him that they could be much more competitive in a shorter amount of time. I think KC fits the best due to the system and talent in place and I think Reid would like a veteran QB to work with rather than taking a chance on a rookie from a lackluster class of prospects. I think Smith will be a Chief with either their 3rd round pick this year coming back in return or a conditional pick in 2014. Either way I think they will get something for him and they should considering the dearth of options around the league right now.

There is no bidding war or recruiting battle for Smith. He isn viewed as highly around the league as he is by some fans. He is the best available option in a down year for QB in the draft. You guys take it personal, I just stating the obvious. Despite only being 28 years old, he isn viewed as a player that you build a franchise around. If he was, many teams would be trying to outbid each other to land him. If he was as good as you think he is, he would have been franchised last year.

Matt Schaab (Swap 1st round picks and receive two 2nd round picks)

Carson Palmer (1st and 2nd round pick)

Kevin Kolb (Dominique Rodgers Cromartie and 2nd round pick)

Charlie Whitehurst (Swap 2nd round picks and receive a 3rd round pick)

After looking at some of the names on that list there is little doubt the Niners will get a decent pick for Smith.

There might not be a bidding war or high demand, but that more due to the cap problems some of the QB needy teams are in more than the view of Smith.

I agree with you that nobody sees him as a franchise QB, but teams with a QB need aren looking for a franchise QB; they are looking for a guy they can plug in and win some games with which is what Denarius Moore Authentic Jersey Smith is in the right situation. If indeed Denarius Moore Black Jersey he does go to KC, it pretty much assured they will draft a QB as well to develop behind him and after what Smith has been through, there isn a QB who could handle that better.

I was looking over the WR positional drills and the guys that stood out to me were Tavon Austin (looked very fast and sure in everything he did), Robert Woods (very smooth athlete, even if he didn test amazingly), Mark Harrison (big guy, looks like a TE, but moved well and showed pretty good hands), Justin Hunter (for such a tall WR he looked extremely athletic in the drills, and has the long speed to be a match up problem at every level), and Traverus King (another guy that looked smooth in everything he did, and caught well).

Patterson and Hopkins also looked pretty good, but didn stand out. Terrance Williams started off well in the drills, but faded. Stedman Bailey didn stand out either, and had some drops though he did have the unenviable task of going after Tavon Austin in every drill. The guy I like, Markus Wheaton, ran his routes well (and ran them with purpose as if he was in a game situation), but got himself out of control on occasion leading to drops. Ryan Swope who tested well looked pretty bad in the drills. He didn look under control at all.

I think Austin can be a deep threat due to his elusiveness, but it won be his bread and butter. He should be used more like Percy Harvin is with the Vikings.

Hunter has had a very impressive combine. My biggest knock on him is his hands, but he looked pretty surehanded in drills. With his athleticism and height, if he can learn to consistently catch away from his body he could turn out to be one of the most dangerous WRs in this draft. I don know if he will be a 1st rounder, but he probably solidified a spot in the 2nd round, maybe even top 50.

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