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Coahulla Creek connect athletic director Chip Fleming said Thursday

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VARNELL, Ga. Coahulla Creek graduating will have the focus of Southeast NFL fans on Aug. 6 when the gambling and Atlanta Falcons hold a joint practice in preparation for the upcoming season. At the Whitfield County school and is Jonathan Stewart Black Jersey free to the islands. The arena seats 7,500 and has more than enough room for standing spectators.

"This is something that's been in the works for many months, And it's nice so as to officially announce it, Coahulla Creek connect athletic director Chip Fleming said Thursday.

"we think it's a pretty big deal. The teams will take over the college that day, Holding meetings at the teachers and holding 7on7 and inside drills. they are going to paint the field to represent both teams,

Whitfield County Schools' Superintendent Danny Hayes has a experience of Falcons' head coach Mike Smith. The two coached together at Tennessee Tech institution and have remained close.

Whitfield County Schools spokesman Eric Beavers confirmed the practice but said the management "Had no additionally comment,

based on Titans' spokesman Gary Glenn, The teams hope to clear up plans to make the joint practice an annual event. The Falcons have hosted merged drills Jonathan Stewart Elite Jersey at their Suwanee, Ga, Headquarters against the gambling and Jacksonville Jaguars the past two seasons.

Coahulla Creek, Located adjacent to Prater's Mill off Georgia Highway 2, Also was chosen in part due to location as a midpoint between Jonathan Stewart Authentic Jersey Suwanee and Nashville.

The course's football team, the main Colts, starts its second season in August and, this truth is, Has its first scrimmage of coaching camp scheduled the day after the Falcons/Titans practice.

"That will be another interesting part of this, Fleming described. "The kids get to play on a field two NFL teams just studied on. We also hope the fans come out and enjoy the session,

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